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How to Take the Perfect Travel #OOTD

Framing is everything!
How to Take the Perfect Travel #OOTD Framing is everything!

We hate to admit it, but when it comes to vacations and trips, this rule applies: “If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.” It’s a given that you’re going to want to Instagram the heck out of your travels, flawless outfits included. Below are tried-and-tested tips for photographing beautiful memories—and showcasing your OOTD while you’re at it.

1. Framing is everything.

Tagged location aside, your photo should be able to scream, “I’m in Paris!” But if standing a safe distance away from the Eiffel Tower is too mainstream for you, try to find a clever perspective that puts a particular monument in the spotlight but also makes for a unique photo.

2. Scout for interesting backgrounds.

Keep an eye out for graffiti walls, cool store fronts, and stunning vistas to pose against. Another trick is to find a set-up that’s characteristic of the place you’re in—in this case, a hot dog stand in New York City. Granted, everything looks new and interesting when you’re elsewhere in the world, so get snap-happy!


3. Shoot during the golden hour.

Bathe your outfit shots in a pretty, flattering light by timing them just before the sun sets. If you can’t be outside at this hour for some reason or another, make sure you utilize natural light by stepping out during other parts of the day. Natural light is less harsh and more flattering, so you’ll look even more awesome!

4. Escape the crowd.

When traveling to a popular city during peak season, count on having random strangers popping in the background or walking right in front of you just as you get your photo taken. It might require a bit of legwork, but it actually pays off to find a spot away from everyone else where you can pose in peace. Sometimes, just approaching a place from a different side or entrance can earn you a killer photobomber-free OOTD.

5. Experiment with poses.

Who’s to say you have to be standing up to take your outfit shot? Find a chair to sit on, a ledge to perch on, or a field to lay on (just be mindful of grass stains!). Staying seated also gives you more space to show off that amazing view—and who would want to block a scene like that, right?

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