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6 Rainy Day Essentials and How to Style Them Like a Fashion Girl Would

We're calling it splash-proof chic.
6 Rainy Day Essentials and How to Style Them Like a Fashion Girl Would
We're calling it splash-proof chic.

Our ever-erratic climes are starting to lean towards the wet side, and you've begun to look up at the slate gray sky every morning with increasing dread. When it rains, it pours, they do say. If that applies to everything except outfit inspo, though, worry no more! Here are cool, chic ways to style those anti-splash essentials.

1. Rain Boots

We know that figuring out how to pull off the clunky utilitarian rain boot can seem like an absolute chore. What is a girl even supposed to wear with those things?! Camille Charriere has your answer: a sweet babydoll frock dotted with prarie blooms plus a touch of tiger. Feel free to cavort in a puddle or two.


2. Waterproof Trench

Yes, a waterproof shroud is a necessity come those torrid June showers, but that doesn't mean you have to treat it like a hassle. Liz Uy is out here making it look easy and covetable. Her power.

3. Clear Umbrella

Clear PVC umbrellas have become famous for making⁠—not breaking!⁠—thousands-liked OOTDs. Take Laureen Uy's bright, striped snap as proof. That's reason enough to buy one of your own! Once only available in limited quantities at the likes of Japan's Don Quixote, they're now pretty easy to find. Don 'em with rainbow hues and a fun beaded bag.

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4. Logo Bucket Hat

Those hip nylon Prada bucket hats are apparently making a massive comeback, but Yoyo Cao declares that a Chanel version will definitely do. No problem. Pair with a shorts suit to fuse street cool with crisp brunchtime tailoring.


5. Colorblocked Windbreaker

So Vanessa Hong's loose leather trousers might feel a tad adventurous. Still, don't you want a polished-slash-badass alternative to your usual joggers? Come on. You do. 

6. Hoodie

Ah, the hoodie, designated comfy chilly weather wardrobe pillar of pillars. Make it feel fresh, new, and not drab! Make like Ida Anduyan by throwing some leopard spot biker shorts underneath, then mellow the wild side out with your fave white kicks.


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