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How to Wear Mom Jeans Like a Millennial

Like a cool mom.
How to Wear Mom Jeans Like a Millennial
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Like a cool mom.

Mom jeans used to be frowned upon, and those who wore them were teased to no end. But with nostalgia being the creative trend that has gone globally viral, the new found love for mom jeans has risen and has caused the demise of skinny jeans. Mom jeans are the comfiest pairs of pants next to joggers and who doesn’t like to feel at home? Dress them up or dress them down, either way you’ll look like one of the coolest kids on the block.

That said, mom jeans can be a tricky piece of clothing to wear. Wear them the wrong way and you’ll look like you could be a part of that Saturday Night Live commercial. A word from the wise: Stray away from sweater vests and pastel polos. Unless that’s the look you’re truly going for, of course. 


The trick to looking cool in mom jeans is to wear them the way millennials would. Mom jeans are typically conservative, so pairing them with items that show a little skin gives it the perfect balance. Therefore you’re flattering your body, but you’re not overexposed either. Stay extra comfy by putting on some chunky dad shoes, but keep it youthful and fun with a cropped Bardot top. Having the white balance between the shoes and your top gives you the opportunity to accessorize with jewelry or stay minimal and monochrome. For example, Janeska Margaux’s festival look is the best way to stay comfy within a crowd but this look could totally substitute for a casual day out!


Ready for more examples? Watch and learn a thing or two about styling mom jeans as demonstrated by these bloggers and celebrities.

'90s grunge

Ira Oyco lounges in grunge from head to toe. The beauty of mom jeans comes in versatility. Wear it however you want, whenever you want. Ira paired a black cropped polo with platformed buckle sandals that screams the '90s. Play up your look by layering silver necklaces and some classic round shades to the silver buckles on your shoes. 

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Bring out your inner boss

Jaqui Perez-Go took a page out of Kris Jenner’s book and paired a black top with a black blazer. Her mom jeans incorporate a sense of laidback casualty but her blazer and shoes are on point for a chic, business attire feel. Keep this look in mind when you decide to have brunch out with your colleagues on a casual Friday. 


Keep it casual to stay comfy

Rhea Bue rocks a white graphic tee with low heels. Her red shoulder bag adds a hint of color that compliments her rosy cheeks and lips. Put on some statement earrings to amplify your casual vibe. A pair of hoops or teardrop earrings just like the ones Rhea’s wearing should do the trick. Props to her for turning '90s mom jeans into 2019 comfy chicness. 


The urban millennial

Tracy Ayson nails the streetstyle millennial outfit without a doubt. Her snakeskin belt bag stands out in between her two-toned sweater and shoes. If you really want to draw attention to your waist, adding a belt bag is a convenient and stylish way to cinch you in. We also love how the bag added a hint of this season's on-trend animal print, but here's a tip to keep in mind when walking on the wild side: When wearing snakeskin or any other animal print, make sure the rest of your look is made up of solid colors or patterns may clash! 


Casual on the go

You can never go wrong with a T-shirt and jeans. Camille Co never goes wrong with an outfit either, so it can’t hurt take some inspiration from her Instagram OOTDs. Keep it simple and nostalgic with a fitting bright T-shirt tucked into your mom jeans. Put on your chunkiest dad shoes for maximum comfort.


If you get the chills, a pastel windbreaker should keep you warm while maintaining your aesthetic. 


Go for more denim

Denim on denim will never go out of style. As long as brands like Calvin Klein and Levi's are around, the trend will never die. Liz Uy went out shopping on a rainy day looking comfy yet put together in her denim on denim ensemble. She settled for a white top and white sneakers for simplicity. 


Pro tip: Mom jeans have been the uniform of those who utilize shopping as their cardio as it is the epitome of style and comfort. The looseness of mom jeans also allows you to easily take them on and off when trying on clothes unlike skinny jeans which are a nuisance in the dressing room. 

Mix formal with casual

Tricia Gosingtian shows us how Filipinas can incorporate their formal wear into a casual look. Tricia’s modern Filipiniana-influenced collection in collaboration with Ava is the perfect type of formal wear that could go with anything, especially mom jeans! Her nude top effortlessly tucked into her mom jeans pairs perfectly well with her white '60s stilettos. 


Buckle up

Mom jeans are purposely loose and can be a hit or miss so buckle up! Julia Barretto’s small waist is accentuated by her cowboy buckle belt that can easily be found in online stores or any other fast fashion brand. Her shades and black long sleeve polo are basic pieces that keep the look clean and minimal.


Straight out of the '90s

Pia Wurtzbach poses in a colorful striped tank top tucked into a pair of long mom jeans and platform white sneakers. Her apparel isn’t glammed up in accessories, but her mom jeans flatter her figure in all the right ways. 

This image is a picture perfect idea of why everyone loves this denim trend. It hugs your bottom, but also leaves a little bit of wiggle room for when you sit down or plan to eat a little more than usual without having to unbutton your pants! The combination of platformed white sneakers and wide legged long pants can make anyone taller than usual.

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