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Here’s How You Should Be Wearing Minimalist Heels in 2020

Obsessed with sleek footwear?
Here’s How You Should Be Wearing Minimalist Heels in 2020
Obsessed with sleek footwear?

The world may currently be besotted with crazy, colorful Y2K fashion, but there are others who still have a place in their hearts for the minimalism that started in the 1990s. Given its discreet elegance and effortless sophistication, it’s safe to say that minimalism has moved on from becoming a passing trend into something timeless. However, as we’ve explained before, there’s the common misconception that minimalism is wholly limited to black-and-white ensembles or head-to-toe outfits in tonal nudeswhen that isn’t the case.  

Again, we’re here to drill it down: Minimalism merely refers to utilizing the least number of plain pieces to achieve maximum impact. That means you can totally achieve this no matter what your aesthetic is, be it classic, romantic, edgy, or vintage. To show you exactly what we mean, we asked fashionistas Kelly Misa and Angelique Manto to style a pair of minimalist shoes in different ways. The results flaunt their respective styles: Kelly looks ever the eclectic summer girl, while Angelique stays true to her streetwear aesthetic. They’re proof that minimalism has more potential than people often think.


Watch the video below! 

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