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How to Style a Pencil Skirt in and Out of the Office

How to Style a Pencil Skirt in and Out of the Office
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Anyone can rock them and there are several ways to do it!

Pencil skirts are usually worn in the office, but they can be as versatile as a pair of mom jeans. The general misconception society pertains to is that pencil skirts can only be worn by slim-figured women. However, this isn’t true in the slightest bit. Anyone can rock them and there are several ways to do it!

Pencil skirts are sexy, elegant, but also very tricky. Tight skirts show off femininity by taking the form of your curves, but sometimes (especially after a large meal), it can show all the wrong curves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have a bit if support from the best kept secret–spandex. The queens of tight clothing, The Kardashians, use them all the time and are quite vocal about it. If they can use it without feeling ashamed, then so can you! What’s important is how you feel once you slip on that tight skirt.

The other inconvenience of pencil skirts, is the possibility of a VPL also known as a Visible Panty Line. First thing’s first, this is a totally normal situation. We’ve all been there at one point whether it was with a tight pair of leggings or a skirt. This is an easier fix than you may think! The best way to get rid of this fashion faux pas is to purchase a pencil skirt with thick fabric. Go for denim, leather, or any other firm structured material that’ll ensure that your undergarments can’t be seen. Of course, not everyone is in favor of a thicker material.


In this case, the best solution would be to look for seamless underwear. Head over to the nearest Bench branch where you could get packs of three or more pieces that should save you from a moment of slight embarrassment. 

Take your corporate look from day to night with some outfit inspiration from these influencers who can certainly show you how to wear them in the office or out for the weekend. 


Invest in a leather pencil skirt

Pencil skirts can be boring especially if they’re the normcore of your workplace. Invest in a good leather skirt that you can easily transition from day to night or vice versa. A leather skirt is more interesting than a regular black one and Kim Jones shows us exactly why it’s a must-have for the office. 

Kim Jones is the queen of business-wear combined with avant-garde formality. Scrolling through her feed, you’ll see an array of different looks. A white T-shirt is kept as a constant in her wardrobe and we can totally see why. A white shirt is the best top to wear when you know you have a casual place to be after work. Take off your work blazer and switch your shoes for something more extravagant. Not everyone’s into sparkly heels, but that’s alright because you can go for color instead! A pair of red stilettos should do the trick. A white T-shirt is the new LBD so if red’s not you’re color, any other will do. 

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From posh school girl to office wear

Depending on your workplace, expressing individuality within the dress code may be different. Who knew going down the posh school girl look could actually be your safest bet? Ira Oyco shows us how Clueless could totally be your next office-wear inspiration. 

If you work in a typical formal corporation, pops of color may be frowned upon. Replace your navy blue unimplied uniform with a dark green gingham skirt to individualize yourself from your co-workers. A white sweater keeps things more casual but you can always switch things up with a white polo. Pull up your white socks and have them peak through dominantly black military boots. For the girls who can’t stand heels, a pair of low cut boots could be your stylish savior that takes you in and out in the office without discomfort. 


Mix prints with pops of color

For those who don’t have a strict office dress code, this one’s for you! Camille Co is the best when it comes to burnt orange clothing and aesthetics, but you don’t have to stick to this color. Find whatever suits you the most, be it an electric blue or a vibrant neon green.

You can even mix these colors with a trendy animal print like leopard or zebra. In this photo, Camille paired her pattern envy pencil skirt with a long coat, and although it seems breathable, it’s not necessarily fitting for our tropical weather. In this situation, go for silk satin instead! It’s trendy and comfy just like your silk pajamas, and you’ll certainly stand out in the concrete jungle of Makati.


Monochromatic tones and geometric skirts

Geometric clothing with solid colors should be your next staple. A monochromatic look with hints of color would make any outfit look a little more interesting. Take Ira Oyco’s outfit as an example. Although she’s just in a cropped shirt and a pencil skirt, it looks like she exerted more effort because of the cohesiveness the color brings to the outfit. But if you really look closely, it’s the skirt doing all the work. 

Sporty smart casual

Janina Vela attended the Asia press junket for Captain Marvel in Singapore, wearing a pencil skirt and a loose business formal top that enabled her to be mobile yet presentable. White sneakers incorporate urban streetstyle into any look, therefore creating a more interesting ensemble. Keep your apparel formal and stay comfortable with sneakers. Business on the top, sporty at the bottom. You get the best of both worlds!


The analogous color trend

Kylie Verzosa stands out in bright colors and strappy reflective heels for Magandang Buhay. Despite the loud colors, the overall appearance is generally conservative as she’s covered in a turtleneck and a pencil skirt that almost touches her knee. Pairing a turtleneck with a pencil skirt can look a little too business-like, so go for color on the weekends for a fun, youthful appearance. 

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