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How To Shop For Your Size Of Air Max Sneakers

An Air Max virgin? No worries, here are a few things you need to remember before purchasing.
How To Shop For Your Size Of Air Max Sneakers An Air Max virgin? No worries, here are a few things you need to remember before purchasing.

There’s no denying that we’ve been taken over by the sneaker craze. Dare to cry wolf about a sneaker sale and you might just find a mob with pitchforks chasing after you (read about how men would kill for a pair here). And with the estrogen community now into the sensation just as much, if not more than the men—we have slight hoarding tendencies—the boys may have to start watching out.

The original Air Max 1, released in 1987


If there’s a beast that has transformed the well-heeled ladies into joining #teamcozy, it would have to be the Nike Air Max. Since its OG days back in 1987, the Air Max has constantly been a well-oiled machine producing model after model that has made generations of sneaker lovers go gaga. A bunch of hypebeasts? Maybe, but we can’t blame anyone for falling for these comfy air cushion heeled babies.

If you’re ready to join the club, here are a few things you need to know before purchasing the shoe.

1. Air Max sizes are a bit tricky. Keep this in mind, especially if you’re purchasing online.

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Nike size chart

Because of its chunky exterior, your usual rubber shoe size of let’s say 7, would look and feel too small for your feet. For a perfect-looking fit, get half (7.5)to a full size(8) bigger. Trust us.

Left: Air Max 1, Right: Air Max 1 Ultra; both in the same size, but the Ultra looks longer. 


The fresh drop (just last month!), Air Max 1 Ultra, is an exception to this rule because it is sleeker looking, much like a regular running shoe. With a relatively thinner cushioning, it appears lengthy, and won't give off that my-shoe-is-too-tiny feeling.  

2. There are models from the men's collection that are not available for the females, and vice versa. If the apple of your eye is from the other line and you're a size 8.5 (which is a men's size 7), then you're in luck.


We want these man-kicks for ourselves!

Just add a size and half to your normal size, if the sum is at least 8.5, then you can score picks from the boys.

3. If all else fails, there's always an option to customize through NikeiD. If it's too much of a hassle, you can try checking out the pretty dope youth offerings as well. You should know, Nike Kids pairs are sold at friendlier price points. Our friend who is a 7.5 usually gets a 5Y.


Nike Kids Air Max Lunar 90

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