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The 4 Simple Rules of Running Your Business like Taylor Swift

She'll steal your heart and your money.
The 4 Simple Rules of Running Your Business like Taylor Swift She'll steal your heart and your money.

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Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift’s got the Midas touch. Not only is the 25-year-old a genius when it comes to writing catchy tunes, she’s an ice cold business woman, too. Here we give you four rules on how to run an empire ala T-Swizzle.


RULE # 1: Don't give away freebies.

By now we assume you’ve heard that Taylor will be holding back her 1989 album from new streaming service, Apple Music because of its free 3-month trial period which won’t be paying the geniuses behind the sound that you’ll be enjoying. Penny-pinching? No. If you’re the equivalent of a multi-platinum artist who can easily sell out arenas, then sure, giving away a few freebies is fine. But if you’re still trying to milk out your first hit single just to get everyone paid then don’t, you’re only selling yourself short.

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RULE #2: Greet the public.

The one thing that fans love most about Taylor is how she’s so relatable, not just in her lyrics but in real life too. Reaching 71 million on followers on Facebook, 59.3 million on Twitter and 34.8 million on Instagram, she presents herself as a pal to her followers and allowing them to girl hang with her A-list crew (virtually, at least). At least that, she's generous about.


RULE#3: Mind your money down to the last cent.

When Taylor pulled her entire music catalogue off Spotify, which pays artists somewhere between P0.26 ($0.006) and P0.379 (S0.0084) per stream, everyone who wanted to listen to Bad Blood and Blank Space were forced to buy her music—probably the reason why 1989 went platinum. ALWAYS think about the bottom line.


RULE #4: Copyright like it's 1989.

Taylor has trademarked lyrics like “this sick beat” and “’cause we’ll never go out of style” so that other people can't make money off of what she made famous. Yup, she's the only one who can put those lines on a t-shirt. Artists do make money off the merch, after all.

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