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How to Revamp Your Wardrobe Without Buying Anything

Pam Quinones shares what happens when you take a good, hard look at your closet.
How to Revamp Your Wardrobe Without Buying Anything

During the quarantine, our Qurator Studio stylists challenged each other to rummage through our closets. We picked out one thing that we haven’t worn in six months and gave the piece new life by styling it differently. It’s a fun challenge as we all created home videos around it.

Since we launched our little fashion rental space Vestido, I’ve become more conscious about the things I buy and keep. It’s a process that also helps me edit my closet to reflect my personal style. I ask myself, “Have I worn this in the last 12 months?” “Does it need tailoring?” “Do I know anyone who will find it useful?”

In our exercise, I realized that I have quite a number of pieces I actually love but haven’t worn in a while. Sadly, I forgot about them as they were tucked away in the deepest recesses of my closet. So, with the #Rewear5 challenge, I chose five pieces I haven’t worn in the past year and wore them for five consecutive days at home—a nice break from my daily uniform of loungewear. The best part is, I was shopping from my own closet! Then I took OOTD photos using my OPPO Find X2 Pro. I love how it can capture and document my personal style. I can also use the photos to keep track of the fashion pieces hanging in my closet. Below are some of my fave snaps along with styling tips you can try: 

1. Make your pajama top office-appropriate.

If you’re working from home and still want to maintain a cozy aesthetic, tweak your pajama top into an office-appropriate staple by pairing it with black trousers and mules. 

Silk pajama top, CELINE; Silk palazzo pants, CELINE

2. Try a monochromatic ensemble for an instantly polished look.

Running out of OOTD inspo for your virtual meeting? Revisit your wardrobe and pick out items with one common denominator: color. Yes, wearing a monochromatic outfit serves as an easy, quick pick for those who can’t decide what to wear. For this look, I matched my yellow vintage slip dress with a summer-inspired lightweight coat.

Vintage slip dress; Lightweight coat, UNIQLO

3. Play with unique clothing pieces.

Found items you forgot you already own? Take this time to do an outfit experiment by reviving these long-forgotten pieces. I went with an unlikely combo like a corset top and boxer skirt. The limit does not exist when it comes to exploring style options!

 Corset top, DION LEE; Boxer skirt, OSKLEN

4. Don’t hesitate to wear your fave going-out top indoors.

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you should compromise on style. That’s why I chose this chic black top with a subtle floral belt. It allows me to show some frills whether I’m joining a video call or having close friends drop by for a visit. I paired it with white trousers that have side stripes for a sporty touch.

Top with floral detail, CELINE; White trousers, CELINE

5. Make a print-on-print statement. 

Assess your prints and figure out ways you can maximize them. You know a loud print is worth having if it meshes well with other prints you own.

Animal print dress and jacket, H&M CONSCIOUS

Part of Pam's #Rewear5 Challenge is documenting her standout looks. Good thing she has a habit of taking OOTD pics using her OPPO Find X2 Pro. Pam's OPPO phone has Ultra Vision Camera System that brings true-to-life images and a 120-Hz Ultra Vision Screen for an amazing visual experience. It complements the striking colors and patterns of Pam’s OOTDs. Aside from that, the camera also adjusts to lowlight setting and gives portrait style options to help capture Pam's best looks.

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