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How to Pose While Showing Off Different Parts of Your Outfit

Shine the spotlight on your favorite element.
How to Pose While Showing Off Different Parts of Your Outfit
Shine the spotlight on your favorite element.

The goal is to look flawless from head-to-toe, of course, but there are some days when a certain detail of your OOTD is worth zooming in on. Whether it's a statement shoe or a spangly, boulder-sized earring, we've rounded up a few pegs for showing off that game-changing fashion element. Spotlights, cue!

What: Earrings

Who: Kim Jones

Kim's mantra is clearly go big or go home, most especially when it comes to danglers. Try a super close-up shot while capturing some of your side profile, too!

What: Collar 

Who: Margaret Zhang

We like Margaret's trick: choose a background that's in a contrasting color from your top so that it stands out 101%.

What: Sunglasses

Who: Gabs Gibbs

This one's pretty straightforward! Nothing shows off a unique pair o' sunnies like a well-angled #selfie.

What: Bag

Who: Margaret Zhang

Pasimple 101: sling your, uh, sling across your back and coolly walk away from the camera.


What: Sleeves

Who: Yoyo Cao

While this isn't exactly a photo of Yoyo herself (it's a campaign shot for her label, Exhibit!), you can glean inspo here too! Casually dangle your arms from the window of your ride and let those sleeves sway.

What: Shoes

Who: Irene Kim

No matter how simple an outfit isIrene's t-shirt and jeans combo, par example—your choice of shoes can switch it up completely. Prop one ankle up to really make heads turn!

What: Skirt

Who: Liz Uy

Take the shot from a slightly lower angle so that the camera catches every ribbon and ruffle on your new fave frock.

What: Pants

Who: Camille Co

Fashion's current faves are all things flared and tiered! Stand with your legs slightly apart to highlight the shape of your trousers.

What: Watch

Who: Kim Jones

Here's a pretty neat styling trickwrap your timepiece around a flowing sleeve, then snap.


What: Back

Who: Yoyo Cao

Just 'cause your face won't be seen doesn't mean you don't need to project. To show off that sexy back detail, put your hair up and let yout skin do the talking.

What: Hat

Who: Renee de Guzman

There's no better person to take pose inspo from! Renee's got an enviable collection of hats, and she's not afraid to flaunt it.

What: Necklaces

Who: Aimee Song

Don't hesitate to zoom in, but make sure you also catch a bit of the rest of your outfit to prove that you've got serious styling prowess.


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