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True Story: I Planned My Vacation For Instagram

Here's an 8-item checklist for an IG worthy trip.
True Story: I Planned My Vacation For Instagram Here's an 8-item checklist for an IG worthy trip.

Like any other vacay that gives me a reason to get away from the metro’s hustle and bustle, my recent stay in Kuala Lumpur was fleeting yet glorious, and I wanted it to last forever. Prior to the trip, my boyfriend and I even shopped for matchy-matchy outfits to wear during our entire stay (we wanted a ridiculously cheezy, look-at-that-silly-couple #twinning IG post), and as funny as it may sound, at least two months worth of planning were poured into that five-day getaway. Not that I regret any of it, because now that it’s over and I’m back in the city doing the daily grind, at least I have stored on my iCloud hundreds of photos that I can look back on anytime.

In this day and age where social media plays a vital role in our daily lives, it would be such a waste to blow your hard-earned cash over an out-of-the-country trip (or anywhere else, for that matter) without documenting your adventure via a series of VSCO-edited posts—not for the vanity of it, but for all the memories enclosed with every snap. I mean, I don’t know about you, but versus bringing home a silly keychain, I'd choose an #OOTD beside the Petronas Towers anytime of the day!


As how the millennials would put it, “It didn’t happen unless it’s on Instagram.” So here, some tips to make your much-deserved vacation as IG worthy as possible.                                                                                               

1. Pre-select your OOTDs.

Think of it this way: You only have one chance to nail that OOTD! Say, if you’re heading to Paris, picture yourself standing next to the Eiffel Tower in the outfit of your choice. Happy? Good. Because unfortunately, you won’t have time for regrets once you’re already there striking a touristy pose. Apart from it being one less problem to worry about, this should also save you extra baggage allowance that would come in handy for the fruits of your shopping labor after the trip.

Style Bible tip: Your Evil Twin bloggers An and En Estrada admitted to Preview that they actually do this. Make them your inspo.

2. Choose stylish yet comfy shoes that would go well with your pre-selected OOTDs.

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Like your classic black Converse sneakers or your white adidas Superstars. You can’t bring your entire shoe closet with you, obviously, so pick a pair or two that you can easily style in many different ways. Neutrals usually do the trick.

3. Be mindful of your batteries.

Don’t let a drained battery keep you from documenting your IG-worthy adventure. Fully charge your phone and your camera before stepping out of your hotel room. Best if you carry along a power bank, too.

4. Keep a tripod handy.

You can’t always rely on friendly passers-by to take your OOTD. (This is especially true in Paris.) And even if you have a travel companion who’s willing to do it for you, keep in mind that that person didn’t book a flight to be your insta-photographer. Also, who’s going to take it if you ever want a picture together and a selfie pod just won’t do? If all else fails, a tripod can save the day!


Style Bible tip: You can also get creative and prop your phone on a chair or bench. Carlos Concepcion does this in New York for his workout photos.

5. Always have a pair of sunglasses ready.

Can’t squeeze in your one-hour eye makeup routine in the itinerary? You don’t need to. Stash a cool pair of sunnies inside your purse and you’re good to go. After all, the lippie and sunglasses combo is a celebrity-approved trick to reap those IG hearts in a jiffy.

6. Get a mani-pedi.

Oh, you know, in case you decide to hold up an ice cream cone to the light or take a quick sandal #shoefie with your foodstagrammable bagel.

7. Do your homework.

Don’t just settle for the famous tourist spots your travel brochure told you about. Research on the Internet about awesome OOTD backgrounds you won’t find elsewhere—solid-colored walls, interesting murals, busy streets—you get the picture.


Style Bible tip: Stalk your favorite travel and lifestyle bloggers. Nicole Warne is probably the most famous one of them all. (Click here for other fashion bloggers who've rebranded themselves.)

8. Bring props if you must.

There was a really nice swimming pool in the hotel we stayed in, so being the self-confessed insta-hoe that I am, bringing an IG worthy floater was a must! I borrowed my friend’s #salbadiva and transported it to Malaysia. My boyfriend and I even argued about whether or not to bring the pump (he said it’s a waste of baggage allowance). We reached a compromise as soon as he agreed to do all the inflating—manually, that is.

(main image via @kimcamjones on Instagram)

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