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How to Pack for a Trip Like a Fashion Editor

Listen up because this is their area of expertise.
How to Pack for a Trip Like a Fashion Editor Listen up because this is their area of expertise.

Everyone knows, the real traveling sitch begins even before you leave your bedroom. Packing is never easy for the fashion girl whose vocabulary doesn’t include packing lightly. But where shopping and traveling are concerned, you only have one option, and that is to make it work. We asked fashion editors for some tips on what to bring, how to fit everything in your hard case, and still be able to leave some room for shopping. Trust us, these tricks will give you a seamless packing experience.


Loris Pena, Preview Magazine

“Always bring a foldable duffel (Longchamp Le Pliage Foldable Luggage Tote always).”

Sandra Pineda,

“I never fold my clothes, I only roll them. It saves space and keeps my clothes gusot-free.”

Janey Aniban,

“Stash a dryer sheet in your suitcase. It’ll minimize static cling and keep your clothes smelling fresh (especially useful during long trips).” 

Ning Nunez, Candy Magazine

“Organize your belongings with the use of pouches. This way, it will be easier to pack and unpack your things.”

Yanna Lopez, Preview Magazine

“Plan your outfits in an Excel file! That way you know which pieces to repeat so you don’t end up bringing too much stuff.”

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Bea Jocom,

"For spontaneous trips where you don’t have a lot of time to pack, just stuff all your basics in your bag.  They’re easy to mix and match and can be easily styled in a dozen ways."

Ira Nopuente,

"Instead of packing bulky clothing and shoes (like jackets, boots, and sneakers), I wear them in-flight to save on luggage space."

Zoe Laurente,

"Stuff socks and undies inside your shoes. It will keep your shoes from deforming and save space, too."

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