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How to Make Fabric Face Masks Even Without a Sewing Machine

You can hand-stitch these yourself.
How to Make Fabric Face Masks Even Without a Sewing Machine
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You can hand-stitch these yourself.

In these uncertain times, it's uplifting to see everyone, including our local fashion industry, work hand in hand to battle COVID-19. From monetary donations to designers banding together to make PPE suits for medical personnel, there's no slowing down their efforts.

By the way, you can join in too, by making the now-required protective mask for yourself, your family, maybe even your community, even without a sewing machine! Here, Filipino vlogger Nanay Express shows you how to hand-stitch protective face masks from scratch. First, some things to note:

1. Yes, you can use scrap fabrics.

Old floral cotton camisoles or faded blankets are all fair game. Just ensure they're washed and boiled for good measure!

2. You'll need a disposable surgical mask to use as a cutting pattern.

That's one more use for it, but make sure it's clean and unused before snipping away.

3. For extra protection, make sure you leave a small pocket to insert a filter (e.g. a piece of facial tissue) in.

She'll show you how. Click play!


Got that? Now get stitchin'.

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