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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Bargains

Here's how you look like billions at any given budget.
How To Get The Best Out Of Your Bargains Here's how you look like billions at any given budget.

Allow us to put it out there, style has very little to do with money.  Sure, you can buy out a whole store if you please but that doesn’t guarantee you elegance and flair with every purchase. You see friends, taste is acquired. You can be broke but still have expensive taste. Originality and creativity are makings that one simply can’t buy off the rack. It’s the lack of means that brings out this kind of ingenuity. But in a time where mass consumption makes it possible for everyone to keep track of what’s hot and not, how do we set ourselves apart from the rest who grab the same readily available things we see on display? Read on as we run down on how to make the best bargain buys look like a billion bucks.



While this skill might take awhile to develop, nothing beats having an eye for authentic finds that will last through time. Know that what you find in bargain stores are only good for at least a season and that you shouldn’t hold on to these items let alone hoard. But once in a blue moon, you will come across quality pieces at a low cost which you can hold on to for as long as they're in the right condition.



Resist the urge to purchase something just because the price tag doesn’t seem to burn a hole in your wallet. Overly wrinkled trousers, too faded jeans, and fake-satin blouses are items you can make do without. Trendier items are fine as you can wear them till the fad fades away. This way you won't feel so guilty letting go once you realize that it's gone out of style. 




Costume jewelry is totally acceptable as long as they look tasteful. Always be on the lookout for interesting pieces as they hold the key to transforming your looks. It's better to spend on an accessory that adds character to different closet staples instead of a top that's too distinct to repeat. 



If there’s one thing you shouldn’t hold back from it’s shoes. Low quality leather age poorly and die fast when kept stored. You wouldn’t want your shoes to be flaking now, would you? Cheap thrills are fine but do know that they’re disposable and you should know when it’s time to throw them out.

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