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How To Look Hot When It's Cold

Here are four looks that will definitely heat up chilly December.
How To Look Hot When It's Cold Here are four looks that will definitely heat up chilly December.

The cool breeze we get to experience every December (not to mention the super typhoon expected to hit us this weekend), is our cue to bring those heavy knitwear and hot leather out, to keep those skimpy pieces aside, and to start layering all we want. But all those coating we need to keep us warm also hide our curves, gams, and even our décolletage, sometimes making us feel like we look like granny. Don't get us wrong, we love gandma so much, it's just her style that we don't want to be associated with...yet. Below, we show you four different ways to spice up the December chill through fashion. Let's make one thing clear, looking hot is not all about showing skin, okay? 

We show you what we mean below.


You heard us! Yesterday we gave you a list of lingerie that you can totally use as tops and today we show you one way of doing that. It's the best piece of clothing to make one feel sensual and it works well with the tailored beauty of the matching blazer and wool shorts. Wearing a sweater with this will be a tad bit too hot for the minimal breeze we get to experience here—hey, we're just being realistic here. 



Feel sexy by wearing your boyfriend's sweater as a dress. But to keep things interesting, wear your bright turtle neck insde and pair it with leg elongating pumps and fun crew socks. It will switch up your sweater weather game, that's for sure. 


Nothing else would make one feel cooler this December than by wearing chic leather. Girls, it's not the movie stars' jacket of choice for no reason. Our suggestion: pair it with a floral skirt, loose knitwear, and comfy kicks for a twist on the chilly staple. 



The combination of a sweater, a leather midi, and heeled booties is a way to show off your sexy confidence. It shows that you know your own style and that you don't need to skimp it out to attract attention. 

Now which look are you going for this season?