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How to Kickstart Your Pinterest

And why you should get on it, stat.
How to Kickstart Your Pinterest And why you should get on it, stat.

I was fresh out of high school when Tumblr was at its peak. It was a place where my friends reblogged everything from street style photos to Ryan Gosling GIFs. And while some put a ton of effort into setting theirs up (blogger Tricia Gosingtian’s humble beginnings started on Tumblr), to others it served simply as an online scrapbook or journal where they kept their musings.

Then came Pinterest. A few friends had already gone on it, which eventually convinced me to sign up. However, it was left to collect dust as the thought of handling another online account seemed such a hassle. Six years later, I revisited my account after being convinced by my friend and boss that it’s the new frontier.

But first, what is Pinterest?

To put it simply, it’s an online mood board where you pin images that you find on the Internet, sort them out into different boards, and share them with your community. It’s a curated search engine that gives you the best images you can find on the web. "Simple visual bookmarking," as the site suggests.


Here, my long-time friend and Pinterest Queen Camille Juco shares how you can get started:

STEP 1: Get an invite.

Ask a friend who’s on Pinterest to send you an invite and pay it forward by sending other friends invites as well.

STEP 2: Create a board.

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Working on building a concept for a photo shoot? Collecting cocktail recipes? Planning your wedding? Create a board and start pinning your pegs. Our EIC uses it to compile images of her desk pegs to trends she loves.

STEP 3: Install the Pin It button.

The Pinterest browser button makes it easy to save images and articles from around the web. Simply go to the Browser Button page on Pinterest and click "Get our browser button."


STEP 4: Do your first pin!

Found the perfect loafers on Manrepeller? Pin the image directly from the page with the “Pin It” button you have just installed. You may also pin from your Pinterest feed. Keep scouring the net for inspiration; you'll later realize after several (hundreds of) pins, that you’ve been on Pinterest for hours and the sun is peeking out.


STEP 5: Install the Pinterest app on your phone.

Forget having a social life.

BONUS: Create a Secret Board

When you make a new board, there is an option to make the board either a private or a public one. Yes, that means you can secretly plan your future wedding without coming off as crazy cakes to your new beau. We must warn you, it's highly addictive.


Check out Camille’s pins by clicking here.

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