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How To Get The Model-off-duty Look

We give you the wardrobe essentials to looking like a model off the runway.
How To Get The Model-off-duty Look We give you the wardrobe essentials to looking like a model off the runway.

During fashion shows and photo shoots, the models we see are always fully made-up and well styled. They look glamorous on billboards, on the runway, and even on the pages of magazines. What they wear outside the limelight may be less catwalk-material, but if anything, they still look camera-friendly even when they’re not posing for an editorial. In fact, their laid-back style off-the-clock has spawned its own moniker—the model-off-duty look.

So how exactly does a model dress off-duty? There, we've dissected the equation for you! But of course, what better way to demonstrate a model-off-duty look than with real models, right? So scroll down and we’ll show you how.


When these models are not walking down the catwalk, they normally prefer loose, comfy tops. A basic white tee like Irina Shayk’s is a staple that you can just easily pull out of your closet and match with whatever you have. Buttondowns are also an option, especially crisp white shirts and chambrays. Or if you’re feeling a little dressy, go for something printed like supermodel Heidi Klum’s.


Kim Kardashian’s ripped jeans and Kendall Jenner’s denim cut-offs are common choices for bottoms perhaps because of its effortless appeal. This suggests you didn’t have time to put together an outfit due to your busy schedule. (They have stylists waiting for them at the shoot, anyway.) But if you’re not into the distressed trend, you can opt for a normal pair of denim jeans instead.


Even if the whole ensemble comes off as muted, these models have one thing in common. They all have roomy designer bags dangling on their arms. Miranda Kerr, for example, is always photographed sporting Prada and Givenchy to name a few. We’re not saying you can only wear designer brands, but to put together a model-off-duty look, keep in mind that your bag is not just part of your outfit. It is your outfit.



FYI, models are not always in heels. Especially when they’re just out to get coffee in the morning or do some grocery shopping, they’re normally just wearing flats (and they really don’t need the extra inches, after all). That said, you can ditch the stilettos here and opt for a pair of sandals like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s or some comfy sneakers like Poppy Delevigne’s.


Now this is a must. Even with those oversized sunnies, the paparazzi recognize them anyway. So, go on, cop their model-off-duty looks and step out of your house in big sunglasses that scream “Oh, I haven’t had enough sleep because of a photo shoot I did last night.”

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Photos by @celebrazzi on Instagram