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How to Find Your Personal Style Like a Teen Queen

As taught by none other than Kathryn Bernardo.
How to Find Your Personal Style Like a Teen Queen As taught by none other than Kathryn Bernardo.

The iconic Rachel Zoe said that style is the best way to say who you are without having to speak. Actions speak louder than words, and that is an undisputed fact. However, fashion is the loudest of them all. Our clothes are supposedly a translation of what we feel and how we want to be perceived, but are too often dictated by trends. 

Personal style is an easy concept to grasp, but it’s a rather difficult one to project. On one hand, we have knowledge of what items, colors, and silhouettes look good on us. But on the other, we find that it’s no longer in sync with the latest fashion craze. If you think you’re exempt from this, try to remember the last time you wanted to overhaul your closet just to ride the hype. Not even the country’s Teen Queen was able to escape. 


In fact, during her recent book launch, she shared with Style Bible that it was one of the problems she faced in the entertainment industry. There were times when she started to doubt her own taste and what looked good on her. Fortunately, Kathryn Bernardo has risen above this challenge. And as a gift to us, she’s sharing her wealth of experience on how we can find our personal style, too. 

Look at your closet first

That’s right, the source of your problems is also the answer. According to Kathryn, there’s a chance your closet, in its current state, already has the clothes that you love. These are the pieces you always go back to that you feel comfortable in. If you find yourself happy with what you have, then you shouldn’t allow trends to compromise that. No trend is worth giving up your staples for.

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Incorporate trends into your OWN look

A person’s closet curation should not be centered around a certain trend, but should work around it. More importantly, we should remember that not everything that’s on trend is meant to be worn. In fact, Kathryn shares that the best way for her to determine a good outfit is if she feels she can look back on it with no regret. Same goes for all of us, stick to what you love and only integrate the trendy pieces to complement your look. In the Teen Queen’s case, she wore her usual cropped top and pencil skirt to the book launch but gave it a simple upgrade with a contemporary choker. 

Find your style inspiration

One of Kathryn’s fool-proof solutions to get out of a fashion rut is by browsing through endless sources of inspiration. Whether it’s an Instagram post, a stack of magazines, or a stylish ensemble she comes across, she never forgets to document it. The way to combat your urge to don all the trends in one outfit is just a little dose of creativity. 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

As our icon began to talk about her face-off with fashion, she shared that she was very thankful to her stylists Kim Yap and Boop Yap-Tañedo for being her coaches in couture. She sought a professional’s opinion on how she could better determine what look she wanted to achieve. If you don’t have a glam team at the ready, then you can always ask your friends for advice. Better yet, schedule a shopping trip!

Think about your activities

Finding your personal style should also be a matter of being pragmatic. It’s important to think about your day to day activities and what interests you like to engage in. Only then can you clearly identify what pieces you should be investing in. 

Inject fun

Don’t let the struggle of choosing what to wear prevent you from having fun with fashion. Be open to seeing how other styles fit into your fashion comfort zone. Kathryn shares that you shouldn’t worry about what others will think of you because your confidence should be enough to carry you through! We couldn’t have said it any better.


Dress for yourself

…and not for anyone else. The most important rule of all is that style is you-centered. It harbors a sense of individuality. Think of all the trends as mere suggestions. Nothing should compel you to wear something against your will. In the end, it’s only you and your closet. Well, mostly you. 

Main photo from @kimiyap on Instagram, Everyday Kath: 365 Ways to be a Teen Queen by Kathryn Bernardo is now available in selected bookstores

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