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5 Practical Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress, According to Jessy Mendiola

5 Practical Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress, According to Jessy Mendiola
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Jessy Mendiola shares with us tips on how to pick out the perfect wedding dress.

Every girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle, all eyes on her, in the wedding gown of her dreams. But choosing the perfect wedding gown for you is not easy. So, if you’re a bride who’s easily overwhelmed with all of the options available in the market, you can opt to hire a designer instead, and a stylist to help realize your vision. 

That said, newly-wed Jessy Mendiola, designer Patricia Santos, and stylist Patty Yap are here to give you practical tips to heed when it's time for you pick out your special dress. In a vlog, Jessy takes us to one of her first wedding gown fittings and shares simple yet useful tips you can use in creating your best bridal look.

Tip #1: Pick a designer who really knows your body.

Jessy believes that one of the most important traits in choosing a designer is to get one who really knows your body. Pick someone who knows what is flattering on you, your body type, and your body shape. Although if you’re a bride who has not worked with a lot of designers in the past, there’s a high chance that they will not immediately know your body. If that’s the case, you have to find a designer whose work you really believe in and you know you can trust. This way, you understand their design process and you already have an idea what to expect.


PHOTO BY instagram/senorita_jessy


Tip #2: Choose a design that is classic and timeless. 

 According to Jessy, her stylist Patty was the one who told her to opt for a simpler gown for her civil wedding, especially since she will still have an all-out wedding in the future. When asked, the stylist said “Syempre dito sa civil wedding, ang gusto talaga namin ni Jessy is timeless. Para after 10 years or 20 years makita yung picture, uso pa rin siya.” And to achieve this, do as Jessy does, and pick out an unembellished piece with a classic silhouette that highlights your best features.


PHOTO BY instagram/senorita_jessy


Tip #3: Know your priorities. 

 If you’re a bride on a budget, Patricia advised that you list your priorities. According to her, since you won’t be able to have it all, knowing your priorities will help you budget everything. In which Jessy immediately countered by sharing a piece of advice someone gave her: “Tipirin mo na ang lahat 'wag lang ang gown mo!”

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Now, if you ask us, it all depends on your priorities, indeed. For Jessy, her top priority was the gown so she spared no expense for this. The first step here was that she made sure she went to a designer whom she knows and trusts will deliver the best gown for her. 

Tip #4: Trust your designer

 Patricia emphasizes that you should trust your designer and by extension, your other suppliers. From her personal experience, the designer notes that if you start doubting the people you hired, they, too, will lose confidence and will second guess their work. Jessy adds that you're hiring them for a reason, so it's best that you trust them to create the vision they have for you, together with your own.

 Tip #5: Communication is key

 Patricia shares that "a wedding dress is very personal." She explains that although a designer can be more knowledgeable about the design and technicalities in making a dress, only the bride can express and determine how she feels about the gown. So, her job in addition to designing and creating the gown, is to make her client happy. However, that can only work if you communicate! Patty and Jessy chimes in, and points out that it's best to be honest about what you want and how you feel in the early fittings so the designer can fix it sooner rather than later.


PHOTO BY instagram/senorita_jessy


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