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3 Mistakes You're Unconsciously Doing When Dressing for the Rain

Be warned!
3 Mistakes You're Unconsciously Doing When Dressing for the Rain Be warned!

We're not here to state the obvious, a.k.a. the long-repeated litany of 'no suede', 'no white', and 'don't forget to bring a jacket'. Instead we're poised to lay out the rainy day-dressing mistakes you didn't even know you were making! Read on and heed our advice.

1. Wearing socks

We suggest you pick out some airy sandals or simply not put on a pair of socks, because once it starts pouring, a single misstep and your feet will be uncomfortably drenched. Yuck! And talk about stinky, too.


2. Opting for canvas or cloth shoes

Of course, we don't advise crowning your leather shoes as a go-to during wet season (water stains are real!)—still, remember that you'll be better off than in canvas or cloth, both of which can and will get instantly soaked and stained. Rubber boots are naturally your best buddy, but if you have no other options, leather is bound to hold up well enough should a puddle block your way. Just make sure you follow proper aftercare!

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3. Wearing pants or long skirts

Your mindset probably goes something like this: "I should cover my legs to protect them from the rain." Wrong! Bare stems are way easier to deal with than those sopping jeans. Skin is skin, after all, and anything cloth will take positively forever to dry.

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