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Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Your Wedding Rings

We asked the experts for you!
Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Your Wedding Rings
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We asked the experts for you!

Wedding bands are a symbol of eternity, so choosing one is an extremely high-pressure task. I mean, you’re only going to wear it every day for forever, right? To calm your woes, whether you’re a bride-to-be or just a casual internet dweller wishfully planning your dream wedding, we talked to three jewelers and asked them everything you need to know—from style to material—about wedding bands.

Here’s a little wedding ring 101 from Geraldine Yu-Tieng of Luvi Jewelry, Daisy Lim of Seven Gems Jewelry, and Krystel Yu of La Elegancia.

Q: What should a couple prepare for before going to a jewelry store?

A: Know your jeweler’s reputation, your budget, and your style,

Geraldine: The first thing couples must decide on is who will make their wedding bands. These rings are meant to be worn daily, so a trusted jewelry maker who has a reputation of using high quality diamonds and producing beautiful bands is a crucial first choice for the couple.


Daisy: The first priority should be the budget of course; work within what you can afford. Don’t force yourself to get large diamonds which are big in size but low in all the other characteristics. Get the best of all four C’s that you can get within your budget.

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Krystel: Some of the important things to consider are first, the color (rose, white or yellow gold), if they’re going to use diamonds, and if they will match or not. Once those things are established between the couple, the process of choosing a wedding band should come easier.

 Q: What is the best style of wedding bands?


A: There’s no such thing! It depends on you as a couple.

Geraldine: When clients ask me what design is best for wedding bands, I usually tell my clients to pick one that’s first, timeless for you, and second, one that’s easy to wear on a daily basis. I always just ask my clients this: Will you love, treasure, and wear this design when you’re 40, 50 or 60 years old?  If that’s a yes, then that wedding band is a go.


Daisy: The best wedding ring style is anything that’s simple. I always say the simpler the better—it’s just more timeless that way. Personally, I love an eternity ring for the girl. But if that gets uncomfortable to wear as the diamonds hit the inner palm, go for half eternity. Those styles are very timeless.

Krystel: I don’t think there’s one best style to suit everyone, because all couples are different. But if I were to give just a general advice, I would say choose something that’s not too flashy, that way, it’s easier to wear daily.


Q: What material do you recommend for wedding bands?

A: The most standard are platinum and white gold.

Geraldine: Wedding bands have two simple materials—gold and diamonds—don’t compromise on either.  For diamond quality, pick the best, no matter what diamond size you choose. For gold, white gold is the usual go-to choice for couple bands in 18k gold; but recently, I’ve been getting more requests for two tone bands—men are gravitating towards matching their bands with their watches.


Daisy: Platinum gold is the best, but if it’s not within your budget, go for white gold. Both are very durable materials that will last a lifetime. If you’re going for a diamond, prioritize clarity; a VVS if it’s within your budget.  

Krystel: For me, the best material for wedding bands is 18k white gold. It will last a lifetime and its really easy to match.


Q: Is it important to match a husband and wife’s wedding band?

A: Nope!

Geraldine: Actually, I rarely do matching bands for my clients as guys prefer plain bands (sometimes I have to convince them to put just a single diamond on their bands). What I really recommend is trying ring samples in the storeit’s much, much easier to decide when you actually try the bands on.

Daisy: For western couples, not so much. It’s more common for Eastern couples to get matching bands, but even then, not all want that. So again, it all depends on personal preference


Krystel: Nowadays, more and more couples are veering away from matching rings and are becoming more adventurous. Something that I’ve been seeing are rings that are non-identical, yet complementary. For example, if a man were to have a rose gold band, the woman would have a similar rose gold band but with diamonds.

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