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3 Ways To Keep White Sneakers White

Tips for those who like their kicks spotless.
3 Ways To Keep White Sneakers White Tips for those who like their kicks spotless.

When you burn a hole in your wallet for a pair of white, $600 Balenciaga or Saint Laurent tennis shoes, making sure they stay their original color is of high importance. Seriously, you did not blow last month’s rent just to have some drunken girl’s amaretto sour leave a nasty pale yellow stain on them. (But what else would you wear to the Palace Pool Club!) So how do you make sure they stay spotless? Here are a few tips to help you keep those kicks as blanc as Taylor Swift’s Blank Space (believed to be covered in layers of correction fluid.)


Treat shoes with stain and water repellent the very moment you take them out of their box. The store you buy them from should have a selection of repellents and cleaners for you to avail of. Think of it as skincare; if you wouldn’t step out without your moisturizer and sunblock, then your kicks shouldn’t too. And for those of you obsessed with the creasing, stuffing your shoes with wrapping tissue as you let them resettle is the equivalent of slapping on anti-wrinkle cream.


Stains should be treated the soonest possible, don’t let it sit and seep into the fabric. Mind the material. Don’t be the idiot that cleans suede with water or throws in their Dunks inside the washing machine. Check the ever-reliable hardware store for spot cleaners, stain removers, and microfiber brushes that will help keep your sneakers as white as a pearl. Also, no one wants stinky shoes. Good old fashioned airing out should do the trick but if the uptown funk is way too funky, remove the insoles and stash in a box loaded with baking powder to eliminate the odor.



By this we mean do not give them a carousel ride inside the washer the same way you wouldn’t throw a Chanel tweed jacket inside too. This makes the rubber turn yellow; so does putting them under the sun. Best let them dry indoors and away from direct sunlight, not unless you really want that icky yellow shade. [Bleh] You may, however, do this for your laces. Simply put them inside the delicates wash bag (you know, the kind you should be using for your washing your lingerie), and normal wash on cold.

Images by Jasper Salceda