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How To Become The Chicest Tita In Manila

Retire your trusty Longchamp for a Goyard. And oh, be like La Greta.
How To Become The Chicest Tita In Manila Retire your trusty Longchamp for a Goyard. And oh, be like La Greta.

There are three musts in order to become a certified member of the Tita’s of Manila club: First, you must be somewhere in your midlife or senior years (if not, just act as if you were.) Second, you must carry a Longchamp tote complete with the hand sanitizer dangling from the strap. And lastly, you must join your kumares at Mary Grace or Almond Marina for kape and merienda. However, why settle for a spot in the basic tribe when you can elevate your status and become a member of the Elite Tita Club? Here we show you five must-haves for those aspiring to join the higher ranks of aunties as demonstrated by the ever so chic Gretchen Barretto. Let’s begin.

Every tita has a morning routine that the whole household is aware of. Whether it’s getting up early for a morning run or to catch the 6:30am mass, your whole schedule would be completely shattered if you missed this one thing.



Forget matching bags and member’s only jackets. Friendship bracelets in palladium, leather, and enamel are the way to go. As for those sturdy and durable Longchamp totes, it's best you gift your loyal yaya with one so she too can look chic as she braves the Saturday market for organic greens.


It is inevitable that your accessories must match your porcelain. Hermès bracelet, Hermès cup and saucer. How could you possibly serve your amigas home-baked pan de sal with cheap china?!


 It's better to be a tita-at-home than a lady-who-lunches. The Tita Elite knows all too well that intimate gatherings in your country-inspired abode trump lunches out (even if it is at Mary Grace) ANY. DAY.


Monogram everything, including your Cokes. Despite having it all, life in the fast lane can never lift your feet off the ground. So at the end of the day, you’ll always turn to that one cheap indulgence to put a smile on your face. (It also wouldn't hurt to have a nickname by which you could refer to yourself in the third person.)

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Lastly, never forget that a pimped out ride will always win the bid when trying to get into the group. Snaps for the Tita Elite! Someone put that on a bumper sticker.

Photos from @gretchenbarretto on Instagram

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