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How To Become A Prenup Stylist

Read on for expert advice on how to get hired by that happy couple.
How To Become A Prenup Stylist Read on for expert advice on how to get hired by that happy couple.

Apart from taste-testing the cake and deciding on which font to use for the wedding invites, one of the most vital choices soon-to-be-married couples have to make is who to book for their pre-nuptial shoot. Basically, they need a team composed of a photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist to immortalize their love story via a series of photographs. A prenup stylist's talent fee for a three-layout shoot can go as much as thirty thousand bucks depending on your client's wardrobe requirements. Now that's a pretty hefty sum to bring home after a day's work, don't you think?

Style Bible interviewed fashion and celebrity stylist, Jeff Galang, to give you tips on how to get booked for a prenup styling gig. From expanding your network to selling yourself, read on for expert advice on how to get hired by that happy couple.


Stop pouting and get to work if you really want the job. A lot of successful prenup stylists today, Jeff included, started out styling shoots for free in order to build a portfolio. We all need to start off somewhere, and that journey certainly doesn’t begin with you sitting on a comfy couch with a bag of chips. Your portfolio will serve as your resume.


This is just as important as building your portfolio, because unless you have actual clients who are willing to book you for a job, then everything else is useless. The most important thing is to go out there and be sociable. Attend events like Philippine Fashion Week or bridal fairs where you’re likely to meet other people in the biz who may introduce you to prospective clients. Oh, and be nice to everyone you get to work with—and we mean everyone—not just your clients. You never know, that photographer’s assistant might actually refer you to your next gig.



After landing a project comes the next challenge: Proving to your clients that they booked the right person for the job. Your clients are neither celebrities nor models, but they’re paying you to make them look like one, so you can’t complain that they aren’t size zero. Instead, be prepared and bring your ever-reliable styling kit. Know how and where to sew, if need be.



Don’t just try to meet their expectations. Your goal should be to exceed that. So if you agreed to provide three outfit options, bring fifteen. Always perform as if it’s your last booked job, because if you manage to sweep them off their feet, that means excellent feedback. (Which leads to future referrals, by the way!)


No one would hire a self-proclaimed stylist who doesn’t even look the part. If someone booked you to make them look good, don’t you think you owe it to them to at least show up looking good yourself? At the end of the day, “You dress up the way you want to be treated.”


Don’t be scared to advertise yourself and your own work. Take advantage of social media and create your own website, Instagram account, and whatever it is you think would help put your name out there. Remember that competition is tough, so you need to be even tougher.  


Your clients may have first met during a camping trip in Anawangin or their first kiss may have happened atop a mountain for all you know. Bottom line: It’s very likely they’d want to reminisce those moments for their prenup pictorial, so be prepared to shoot on location. You’d want to look presentable, but don’t forget to choose something comfortable as well. After all, your clients won’t try to sew everything together if you end up with a wardrobe malfunction. Wear comfy shoes, too!



Jeff Galang is a fashion and celebrity stylist who specializes in prenup styling. For booking inquiries, e-mail [email protected], call or send SMS at 0917.883.3338, or visit his website for more info.

(Main image photographed by RV Mitra, styled by Jeff Galang)