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5 Local Fashion Brands and How They Got Their Names

Do you know what Bench or Penshoppe stands for?
5 Local Fashion Brands and How They Got Their Names
IMAGE Bench, Kashieca, Plains & Prints
Do you know what Bench or Penshoppe stands for?

These local brands have been around for so long, providing proudly homegrown stylish apparel. But just how were these names established? Read on to find out!



The man behind it is also the namesake of the said brand: Ben Chan. It was his first venture into retail clothing and was launched in 1987 at Park Square. Ben got the then-rising actor Richard Gomez as its first endorser. 30 years down the line, the homegrown brand has some of the biggest stars, local and international, in its roster of ambassadors.


IMAGE Penshoppe

Owner Bernie Liu ventured into the business of designing and producing T-shirts for school and corporate souvenirs while still in college. But it was after working at his family's lumber business that he really considered going back into fashion. He focused on what he thought would be his biggest market: college students and fresh graduates. He then later named his venture after the students' constant companion: a pen.



IMAGE Kashieca

Kashieca was first established in 1988 and got its name from its founders and previous owners, sisters KarenShiela, and Camille Santos. It was then absorbed by Suyen Corporation in 2004. The logo evolved from having a cursive font—that added a touch of femininity and delicateness—to something bolder and more readable so that the brand name would pop when placed on their marketing materials. By 2017, they changed the logo into something that defines femininity. The Kashieca girl is a strong, modern woman, so they revised the logo to reflect precisely that.


IMAGE Unarosa

Unarosa started as a concept store named "Una" located at Tiendesitas. It's coined from a derivative of Queen Guinevere's name from the Arthurian legend, which means beauty. Una also means one or the first, while Rosa signifies femininity. Unarosa was therefore chosen as it best embodies the brand’s vision of dressing every woman like a queen, while marrying the philosophy of fashion and individuality.


Plain & Prints

IMAGE Plains & Prints

Plains & Prints was supposed to be the name printed on the fabrics that Roxanne Ang Farillas' parents produced, being a manufacturer of local fabrics. However, they didn't use it. So come 1994, when she needed a name for her first store in Greenhills, she used Plains & Prints.