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Here's How Heart Evangelista Maintains Her Jewelry

She even has a cool hack for cleaning jewelry!
Here's How Heart Evangelista Maintains Her Jewelry
She even has a cool hack for cleaning jewelry!

Accessories have always been a staple to Heart Evangelista’s ever-evolving style, and for the fashionista, that means keeping her jewelry in check and taking good care of them so they stay in mint condition. Knowing this, we couldn’t help but ask Heart how exactly she keeps them looking brand new.


1. Keep them away from perfume.

Her first tip? When laying on a fresh scent, avoid spritzing on your jewelry. “Don't spray perfume on your jewelry because it destroys it especially if it's real gold,” Heart tells Preview. To be extra safe, make sure to put on your fragrance first before wearing your accessories. After all, you can never be too careful.

2. Store them wisely.

“If you keep [your jewelry] hidden away after a few years, you'll see that it deteriorates in a way,” Heart says. It's the same for leather bags with the tendency to peel off when kept in a cabinet or closet for too long under extremely warm conditions. Even if you’re not wearing them, make sure to air out your jewelry every so often, especially if you have an expansive collection and it’s physically impossible to frequently show them all off. As for storing them, Heart reveals that she often buys trays to separate her accessories; it keeps her diamonds from scratching each other.

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3. Try tooth powder for cleaning your jewelry. 

When it comes to actually cleaning her jewelry, Heart has a neat hack that not many may be aware of. She uses tooth powder! “You can get it from the dentist, the white powder that they use. You can clean your jewelry with that, it makes it really white,” she reveals. You can use a tooth brush to rub the powder onto your jewelry to rid it from tarnish and dust. Remember though that the trick works best with silver.


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