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How Designer Seph Bagasao Tapped Into the International Market

So proud of our PEFTA alum.
How Designer Seph Bagasao Tapped Into the International Market So proud of our PEFTA alum.

Joining the ranks of fellow young designers Tipay Caintic, Rosenthal Tee, and the fellas at Proudrace, is Preview Emerging Talent Awards alum Seph Bagasao, who recently landed himself a coveted slot in NJAL. or NJAL is a platform for young designers to be able to showcase their works to a global market and eventually sell them through the same site. Currently, Seph is one of over 9000 emerging designers from all over the world who are in the hopes that the site will open doors for them as it has done for the likes of Mary Katrantzou and more.


Curious about what it takes to be able to join, we talked to Seph to learn more about it.

Congrats, Seph! Can you please share with us how you got your work to be featured in NJAL?

“I saw that they had a competition in which they send brands to Paris for a trade show. I was interested to join and one qualification was that the brand should be in the website already. I emailed them expressing my interest to be part of NJAL since some of the best-known names in fashion today, including Parisian fashion designer Damir Doma, the highly-acclaimed Mary Katrantzou, and Canadian designer Rad Hourani, were amongst those who first established their profiles on the NJAL platform.”

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A piece from his ONO collection.

How cool! What happened after?

“They review your portfolio and if they like it they'll get back to you. I got a reply three days after saying they were pleased with my collection.”

Wow, that’s fast! So happy for you! So what happens once you’re in?

"Im new pa lang so it’s more like a virtual showroom first for my brands since it’s a like a gateway for buyers and retailers. There is another screening before I can sell there.”


In his years in the business, Seph has also smoothly transitioned into making accessories. 

How does it work? Is there a contract or do they review per new collection you submit?

“There’s no contract but the goal is to progress to become a Black Sheep. Once you’ve fully set up your profile, they’ll review again and contact you if you can sell already.”

Editor’s Note: Every week, NJAL picks out standout designers based solely on their works to be included in their list of Black Sheeps. Being a part of it takes you one step closer into being able to sell your products and get more attention. 

Since Seph started with the digital platform, a showroom in Copenhagen has contacted him, asking for his participation in their lineup. He is also currently working on his e-commerce website,, among other things. So many exciting milestones for this young designer and the best part? His journey has only just begun. 


Young designers, this could be your ride into the international scene, too. Stop doubting and start acting if you want to achieve your fashion dreams. 

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