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How Designer Bags Are Made

Watch as we show you how five designer handbags come to life.
How Designer Bags Are Made Watch as we show you how five designer handbags come to life.

Designer bags are expensive. The Business of Fashion bangs that the average cost of manufacturing and selling is about 35% of a bag’s final retail price. Truth be told, the clothes you see on the runway are usually the less money-spinning products that designer labels produce. So, to make up for it, these brands hike-up the margins on handbags, along with shoes and beauty products, to even things out.  

Now you’re probably wondering what goes into that 35%. Is it the cost of production? How about the materials? While they say “Made in China” is far less costly than “Made in Italy” or “Made in France”, recent reports claim that Chinese labor has nearly doubled in the past decade. And if you’re thinking that the purse you’re about to buy never made it in the east side, think again. Most likely, it’s passed through a Chinese worker’s hands at one point.


Regardless of origin, one thing that’s for certain is that the demand for these high-end goods is still on a fast rise with more and more high-net-worth-individuals wanting to outfit their private jets in Louis Vuitton leather. In appreciating the artistry that goes into these luxury items, we’ve rounded up a couple of videos that demonstrate the craftsmanship that goes on into making these bags. Scroll down and watch.

Dior’s Miss Dior comes to life

The Miss Dior bag would be Dior’s answer to Chanel’s Classic Flap bag. It features a unique kind of stitching called Cannage which is a classic diamond shape with intertwined criss-crosses that cover the whole bag. 

The making of a Ferragamo bag

"Slow and steady wins the race" ought to be this label’s motto as their bags are slowly and carefully made by their Tuscan artisans.

A master class in perfecting Hermès’ Piqué Sellier

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Hermès is famously known for its saddle stitch which guarantees the durability of its bags. The time and skill that goes into creating each piece is part of the brand’s heritage. Here an artisan demonstrates how the Mailbox bag is stitched together.

Gucci can do it

Gucci’s leather goods are crafted only by the most skilled artisans that nurture the brand’s time-honoured tradition. Here’s a close look at the meticulous attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship involved in creating Gucci goods.


The making of a Mulberry icon

Watch as the Mulberry Del Rey comes to life though this unique and fascinating way.

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