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Hong Kong Shopping 101

Learn how to navigate Hong Kong's shopping labyrinth.
Hong Kong Shopping 101 Learn how to navigate Hong Kong's shopping labyrinth.

If shopping were a sport, we’d probably be gold medalists. And since the semester break is upon us (for most of you, that is), we decided to share a few of our shopping tricks and supply you with an easy Hong Kong first-timer’s guide. If you’re planning to head to the Asia’s ultimate shopping destination, this list will hopefully save you time and money, keep you from getting lost, and allow you to prepare a seamless itinerary to make that vacay extra sweet. Spare yourself from running around like a headless chicken and enjoy the city for all that it has to offer. Here’s to a flawless shopping trip!

First things first:

  • Get an English map once you land at the airport. Mark your hotel and all the places you would like to go to so that you can already see which destinations you can head to first.
  • Purchase an Octopus Card. If you want to save money and time, use their train system (the MTR) as your public transportation of choice. Don’t worry, it’s a lot faster and more spacious than the ones we have here. An Octopus card costs HK$150 and you’ll be able to refund the credit left after your last MTR ride. Convenient, right?

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