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Hong Kong Citizens Wore Bras in Protest

"Breasts are not weapons."
Hong Kong Citizens Wore Bras in Protest "Breasts are not weapons."

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Hong Kong activists, including men, wore bras over their tops in a protest following the sentencing of 3o-year-old Ng Lai-yin "to three and a half months in prison for assaulting a police officer with her breast," CNN reports.

The woman was found guilty of using her chest to bump against the arm of chief inspector Chan Ka-po during a protest against mainland Chinese cross-border traders sometime in March. She initially complained of "indecent assaut"after the inspector's hand landed on her left breast when he failed to grab the strap of her bag.

The magistrate, however, rejected her claims and said, ""You used your female identity to trump up the allegation that the officer had molested you. This is a malicious act." The woman was bailed pending an appeal.

Ng Cheuk Ling, a 24-year-old activist with the Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities told CNN, "I believe we are all baffled as to how a breast attack works. It's ridiculous and alarming that the judge didn't just convict the protester of assaulting police with her breast, but that her seeking help was also considered part of the assault. Should we silence ourselves in the face of sexual violence?"

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