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Holiday Gift Guide for the Last-Minute Shopper

We just found out where you should shop for Christmas!
Holiday Gift Guide for the Last-Minute Shopper

Take that frazzled look off your face, fashion girl—there's no use avoiding the inevitable that Christmas is just a few weeks away, so we took it upon ourselves to scour the city looking for a sweet spot where you could do all your late holiday shopping. Turns out, the place we've been looking for was right smack in the middle of the city—The SM Store, where cool gifts come chic and cheap, it's gonna take a whole lot of Christmas spirit to give your purchases away instead of keeping them all to yourself.

Here, we rounded up 10 fashionable finds ready to be wrapped for the holidays:

1. CAGE HEELS for the best friend

Shoe, SM Parisian

Your BFF will want to start New Year's with a bang; so like a true fashion friend, amp up the potential of her slinky little dress with lethally sexy metallic heels that say a little bit more than, "Kiss me at the stroke of midnight"—if you know what we mean.

2. A DENIM JACKET for the stylish inaanak

Acid wash denim jacket, SM Kids

Her parents must be raising her well, for your little goddaughter is your veritable mini-me. Style-wise, start 'em young by gracing their wardrobes with a classic denim jacket. Not only will this piece show them the importance of investing in classic staples, it will also surely make them the coolest kid in the sandbox.

3. VERSATILE ACCESSORIES for the traveler boss

Bag, earrings, and earmuffs, SM Accessories

Get on your boss' good side by gifting her with accessories she can bring on her various extensive trips: a duo of chic all-purpose pouches for easy bag organizing, a pair of earrings she can take from visiting temples in Cambodia to cocktail nights in London, and chic earmuffs, for that winter getaway she's had on her agenda for a while.

4. CLASSIC SHIRT for the younger bro

Markus printed button-down, SM Men

It's about time your brother's closet gets introduced to variety, that is, to have a space for dapper clothing in lieu of his basketball shirts. Boys hate it when girls try to change their style, so start with something both safe and stylish: a white button-down with a subtle pattern. He can take this piece to places, from hotel family dinners to a date with his lady love.

5. LUXE BEAUTY LOOT for the favorite officemate

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins face mask and Chloe Eau de Parfum, SM Beauty Store

Seal the bond between you and your lunch buddy with the ultimate gift you can give an office BFF: the present of self-pampering. Start with a skin mask she can use to buoy up a stressful work day, then follow it up with a sweet perfume she can use from desk to dance floor.

6. NEW STYLE STAPLES for the shopping buddy

Navy jumpsuit and white knit top, SM Woman

You know each other's sizes and share the guilt of splurging—plus, you two trust each other’s opinion when it comes to style. For the gal pal whom you'd fondly call your "sale sister," be a personal shopper and gift her with on-trend pieces that are on their way to becoming fashion classics.

7. A COOKY APPLIANCE for the family

Cotton candy maker, SM Home

Sundays are a riot in your household, cause it's when the family gets together for the weekly salu-salo. For sure, food is always a hit in these gatherings, but why not give something that loads up on the excitement for your weekly gatherings: a dessert maker, in this case, a cotton candy maker. Its easy-to-follow features and cute design will have all generations in the family scramble for who gets to make their own sweet treat first.

8. A TAILORED BLAZER for the boyfriend

Blazer, SM Men

You heart still stops for a full second seeing him in his default T-shirt + fleece joggers + Jordans combo, but it won't hurt to gift your man with a dapper wardrobe alternative for when the occasion calls for it. A timeless blazer should do the trick—it's something he can pull out of the closet at the last minute, and should be good to pair with jeans or dressier pants.

9. A CUTE BACKPACK for your barkada's first born

Backpack, SM Kids

Your entire group of friends couldn't hide their tears when this kid was born, and she has managed to steal the spotlight in barkada get-togethers when her mom brings her along. Now that she's off to start school (sniff, you're getting old), be a cool aunt and surprise her with a backpack that'll be the envy of all her friends.

10. A COLORING BOOK SET for your client-turned-friend

Faber Castell watercolor pencils, pens, and Hue Can Do It! adult coloring book, SM Stationery

The people you interact with for work have eventually become your friends, and you've successfully stirred your relationship towards the healthy balance of work and play. You know how the daily grind could drain the energy out of a person, so get her to jump on the coloring bandwagon with complete materials she could whip out whenever she's in decompress mode.

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