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A peek into the Young Designer's Guild's Christmas art project.
Hijacked! A peek into the Young Designer's Guild's Christmas art project.

December 10, 2008
Green Papaya Art Gallery

For Christmas, the Young Designer's Guild decided to celebrate with an atypical sort of show. “Fashion Meets Art, or is it Art Meets Fashion?” was the name of the game, and the group known for their avante gard approach to fashion brought it.

“We were asked to create pieces that were not necessarily wearable but were works of art,” explained John Herrera when asked about his quilted leather bag that converts into an armor-like vest. This would explain sights like Reian Mata's Tivoli light-trimmed mini-dress, Brian Leyva's yantok chair dress, and the frothy, honeycomb like bubbles on Mitzi Quilendrino's tulle creation.

This is not to say that all the dresses were unwearable. Preview Best-Dressed 2008 stylista, Mai Kaufman already asked about Regine Dulay's haphazard shift out of which mesh book leaves seemed to spill. Have a look at Jerome Lorico's poetic wire and fabric creation, whose autumn leaves spell tragedy and sorrow in their precision.

Each member also played dress-up, partying that night as their favorite artists—think Louis Claparols as Karl Lagerfeld, Patty Eustaquio as Frida Kahlo, and John Herrera as David Bowie.

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—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor

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