Here’s Where You Can Get OOTD Ideas for Lazy Weekends StyleBible Preview

Here’s Where You Can Get OOTD Ideas for Lazy Weekends

Are you staying in or heading out?
Here’s Where You Can Get OOTD Ideas for Lazy Weekends

Here’s the low down on the third episode of Nike’s original web series Margot vs. Lily, a.k.a. the episode with all our style pegs for the weekend!

In an effort to make new friends, Lily hosts a book club. The attendees are dressed like gentrified Brooklyn hipsters as one would expect, but this is not how you translate Alessandro Michele’s interpretation of lola, ladies! Lily, on the other hand, stood out in a fitted ribbed royal blue sweater with a tiny pearl stud earring. The girl sure looks great whether she's in her usual gym wardrobe or she's switching it up with a casual chic look like this.

Meanwhile, Margot tries to get subscribers by going the "sexy" route. Who wouldn’t click on a hot woman who can lift and jump and run? Turns out, it ended up being more adorable than inspirational. Her foray into pole dancing was—relatable is one way to put it. The best part? She stuck with her horned beanie 100%! Props for understanding the value of personal branding via accessories, girl!

The series takes a turn for the unexpected when Lily goes biking in the park—alone, as usual—looking enviously at lovers and friends until she makes one herself! Want to know how she finally did it? Click the video below now!

Catch this episode of A Better For It Series: Margot vs Lily (and get more inspo on fitness and workout outfits) on TV! Tune in to STARWORLD on Feb. 17, Wednesday 6:55pm, MYX on Feb. 20, Saturday 7:55pm and Feb. 21, Sunday 1:55pm (replay) and ABS-CBN Sports & Action also on Feb. 20, Saturday, 1:50pm and Feb. 21, Sunday 1:50pm (replay). If you haven’t seen the previous episode, click here.

You can also log on to Zalora, and shop for some of the chic workout ensembles in the web series.

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