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Here's Proof That Slip Dresses Look Amazing on Women in Their 40s

It's all about those curves
Here's Proof That Slip Dresses Look Amazing on Women in Their 40s It's all about those curves

Slip dresses have been back in a big way in the last few years and the fashion set has embraced the style, together with the many new ways to style it. However, if you’re at a point where you feel that you might be too mature, too curvy, “insert another valid excuse here,” and then some, we enjoin you to rethink giving the slinky dress a try.

Popularized in the late ’90s and the early aughties under the innerwear as outerwear trend umbrella—they’re still legit a favored nightgown design, after all—women who were in their teens and twenties at the time probably recall wearing the trend when waif-like supers were modeling them. Call it early conditioning that has ingrained in our heads that it’s a dress that will only look good on a skinny frame.

But when you really think about it, the magic of the bias cut of a slip lies in how it can amplify a woman’s curves. Usually done in a silky fabric, it billows, shifts and flows as the body moves. That’s what makes such a simple dress so wonderfully sexy. Now, with a body that’s filled in, and your curves more pronounced, this is a style that can truly flatter your natural shape. The mindset to have while wearing should be less of a desire to look like an ingénue, and see it as a way to celebrate your body as a woman. 


Still uncertain? Here are 4 women in their 40s and up who look stunning in a slip dress. Whether on vacation, lounging at home, or attending evening affairs, they show the versatility and beauty of this minimalist style.

Clearly, it’s a great option to pack when on vacation as seen on Marie Lozano. You could be at a resort ready to dine barefoot or poolside, or perhaps exploring a new city with edgier footwear on. It’s definitely a piece that fits right in with both.

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Apples Aberin knows how a cowl neckline beautifully highlights your face and décolletage. For a work trip to Cannes, she easily wore this golden number on a boat with strappy sandals, and shrugged a floral robe over it for a bigger event. One dress can do it all!


Whether it’s for a family affair or dinner out, Lucy Torres-Gomez has shown a penchant for wearing the spaghetti strapped silhouette for special occasions. Her collection includes jewel-toned pieces and a dark navy dressed with lace—testament to the variety one actually has when it comes to this simple style.



We’ve all changed up what we wear at home in recent months, but Aubrey Miles is clearly making a case for lounging about in a slip dress. With her long hair left down, and no jewelry on, it’s a great example of how simplicity can make such a big statement.



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