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A new way to stay fashionably cool.
HERE'S HOW YOU LAYER IN THIS HEAT A new way to stay fashionably cool.

This summer’s heat wave has complicated the morning routine by adding to the age-old dilemma of a ton of clothes but nothing to wear. With temperatures now reaching the intense 40s, outfit choices that don’t reduce you to a hot mess are limited. Cut to AIRism—Uniqlo’s line for sweat-wicking, odor-fighting basics that are thin and comfy enough to achieve even the most impossible look for summer—layers. 

The success of the line is hinged on the technology of the fabric. While typical polyester fibers trap moisture, AIRism releases the humidity away from the body. Plus, anti-bacterial deodorizers built into the cloth save you from major embarrassment even in the stickiest weather.  So far, that’s AIRism–2, Summer–0. Last year we gushed over the Bra Camisole but 2015’s range has even more winners. The Lounge Dress in both Sleeveless and Short Sleeves, are basically the comfiest weekend silhouettes ever while the Sleeveless Top, is the kind of tank that will see you through from your culottes to overalls. And did we mention the fabric of AIRism is not only buttery soft but is actually cool to the touch? Tally: 4-0. 


As innerwear, the Lace Hiphugger allows for maximum breathability in the intimates department and the Slip spares you from both indecent exposure and dreaded VPL. And because the summer season equals bikini season, use the AIRism Leggings to head to your nearest yoga studio for a workout minus the sweat stains. Not a brand to forget the boys in your life, AIRism’s men’s line includes classic Mesh V Neck T-Shirts which slip right under his polos for date night, or as oversized tops on you for an off-duty look.

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In the battle against heat, AIRism wins over summer any day. Now that we’ve given you a no-brainer approach to daily dress up, we’ve probably also given you an extra fifteen minutes of snooze time in the morning. You’re welcome. 

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