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Here's How to Style Your Shirt When You're Too Lazy to Tuck It In

Easy as pie.
Here's How to Style Your Shirt When You're Too Lazy to Tuck It In
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Easy as pie.

One of the hardest parts of the most mundane day has got to be tucking your shirt in. Think about it: you get it done perfectly as you dress up in the morning, only to undo and redo the whole process after every single bathroom break. If the thought tires you out, you're not aloneas fashion girls ourselves, we can 100% relate!

Okay, so how does the lazy chick deal? Easy: Simply take both ends of your shirttails and knot them together.


Aimee Song knows what's up. It's a fresh, laidback way to wear your good ol' favorite, plus it eradicates the hassle of repeatedly tucking crease-prone fabric in and out. If you're feeling a bit more daring, try and cop Reese Blutstein's rather risqué, bare-all trick:

Just pop a few more buttons open and shimmy those shoulders...then secure with double-sided tape (accidents happen and you know it). Problem solved! Laze away, ladies.

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