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How to Keep Your Hat on All Day, According to Renee de Guzman

How to Keep Your Hat on All Day, According to Renee de Guzman
Because it can be pretty hard to commit.

Meet the mad hatter. "I never really thought that people would actually get to know me for hats, and that's kinda surprising," the ever-chic Renee de Guzman says, laughing. "I was called a hat kween several times but a moment I will never forget was the time readers or friends blamed me for influencing them into slowly liking hats. I swear, I'm innocent!"

Whatever your jury rules, this girl has got it so bad, it's so goodtake a tip or two from her on how to commit to that topper!


What are your favorite kinds of hats?

"Right now, I am into newsboy caps and sailor hats."

How many do you have in your collection?

"This questions always gets me! I have too many to count... Oops."

Do you go out wearing a hat often? The ones in your OOTDs are so cute!

"Yes, I usually always have a hat on! Wearing one makes me feel more complete."

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How do you plan which one to wear with which outfit? Or do you just randomly throw one on?

"Deciding on which hat depends on the occasion. On a normal day, I always leave this as one of the last touches in an outfit, but on lazy days I just grab which ever I'm feeling on that day. If I'm going to an event, I definitely plan ahead of time!"

Hats can kind of be tricky to commit to. Do you have any tips for keeping them on all day?

"Well, you always have to know, or at least be aware, of the scene you're going to be in. I mean it's not really advisable to wear a wide-brimmed straw hat to a party, right? So knowing your surroundings also helps when it comes to wearing hats all day long!"


How do you keep them from falling off?

 "I always make sure that my hat fits me well. At the same time, it also shouldn't be too tight because that's going to leave a mark on your forehead. I'm pretty sure no one wants that! Haha."

Where do you usually buy your hats?

"I buy my hats anywhere and everywhere. As long as it's an interesting piece that suits my taste, I'm taking it!"


Any particular one on your wishlist right now?

"I'm still dreaming about that Jacquemus Le Grand Chapeau Santon. It's such a classic and chic statement."

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