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5 Chic Wardrobe Essentials You Need to Update Your Office OOTD

Keep current, even at work!
5 Chic Wardrobe Essentials You Need to Update Your Office OOTD
IMAGE Ivania Carpio
Keep current, even at work!

You have your no-fail workwear clothes, and that's a good thing. No one should ever say that fallback pieces are boring, so make sure you style them in the most current-yet-appropriate ways possible! Here, check out how some of Instagram's chicest gals make office staples werq hard.

1. White Shirt

A subtle change makes all the difference, says Sara Crampton. Instead of tucking your dependable fave button-down in, wrap the ends around your torso and over the waistband of your pants. Also, sample tasteful browns for a change! Whites and earth tones are a perpetually fresh combo.


2. Black Trousers

Since you can't exactly bare your cleavage at work, we'd like to draw your eye down to the bottom half of Kim Jones' look. Ditch your usual pumps—why not flaunt a kitten-heeled boot under that trouser leg? It's so en vogue...and a fantastic excuse to finally buy the pair you've been ogling.

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3. Blazer

Ivania Carpio is known for that exquisite minimalist #aesthetic she's got down pat, and so you can take a cue from her. Spruce up a black blazer with interesting brooches (even the humble paper clamp will do), then let a cool white corset belt cinch the LBD you tend to throw on underneath.  


4. Pencil Skirt

Beige on beige gets twice as timeless when done up in a pencil skirt plus high-neck pullover ensemble. Very modern Audrey Hepburn, don't you think? Vanessa Hong oh-so-coolly demonstrates.

5. Pumps

A romantic floor-sweeping printed dress is bound to be your summer love affair, even in the office! It's exactly what your basic black pumps need to snap out of their drab stupor, we declare. Irene Kim clearly agrees.


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