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Heart Evangelista Shares Her 5 Must-Have Bags for Working Girls

Here's where you can buy them, too!
Heart Evangelista Shares Her 5 Must-Have Bags for Working Girls
Here's where you can buy them, too!

It's no secret that Heart Evangelista is a woman of substance and style. She's known for her love of animals, fascination with heels, and obsession with all things white. But apart from these, she also has a deep interest in bags, evidenced by her collection of purses from Hermès, Ferragamo, Fendi, Sequoia, to scratch the surface of the list. In her YouTube channel, she recently shared the five must-have bags she thinks every working gal should own. Scroll down to see her picks, and a little further more to learn her tips about bag shopping and care.

A Backpack

As an actress, vlogger, and frequent traveler, Heart shares she can't live with just one bag on a daily basis. She has a lot of things to bring and so she finds it useful to have an extra bag to carry her essentials. For girls on the go, she suggests getting a backpack wherein you can just stuff your things and easily go about your day.

PHOTO BY Lancaster Paris

Heart said she especially likes this soft vintage backpack in Chesnut (€189 or approximately P11,320) from Lancaster Paris because it's easy to open, quite spacious, is made of good quality leather, and has a versatile shade, not to mention its convenience is heaven-sent when traveling abroad. 

A Tote

Working girls know that we live in our bags. Rushed mornings essentially mean dumping everything that will help us survive the day in our purses. And so Heart suggests you invest in a bag that can hold its shape despite being full with your valuables.

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PHOTO BY Sequoia Paris

She shares her fave tote at the moment, this Sequoia Paris Rock circles bag (€329 or approximately P19,710), which has dividers inside to keep your things organized.

A Day-to-Night Bag

With a busy schedule, career women hardly have the time to change bags when they've got after-work engagements. Heart knows this struggle, therefore she suggests that you choose a versatile, structured bag that can just as easily look great as an evening tote.


She shows that this Sweet Vase work bag from Sequoia Paris (€185 or approximately P11,085) can be turned into a clutch come dinner time just by removing its long straps.

A Luxury Bag

A designer bag in your closet is also a must because it's something that will last you a long time. According to Heart, you can even pass it on to your children one day.

PHOTO BY YOUTUBE/Love Marie Escudero

Heart shows her Hermès bag that she really saved up for. This may look like a Birkin, but it's actually a similar-looking one called Haut à Courries (abbreviated as HAC, which means high belts in French). Heart likes this size because it sits in between Birkin's size 30 and 35, which is too much for her petite frame. This HAC is a size 32, and is slightly taller than the regular Birkin with shorter straps. The HAC was created by Émile-Maurice Hermes, who designed it after visiting South America in 1892.


A Laptop

Using technology is imperative in today's time, so when lugging your laptop around, make sure you do it in style, says Heart. For a fashion-loving gal like her, a tote for your computer doesn't have to look like the purely functional ones available on the market. For her needs, she picked out a satchel with accordion pleating at its sides that lets the bag expand to fit in a laptop, important files, and what have you with ease.

PHOTO BY YOUTUBE/Love Marie Escudero

Heart shares her fave laptop bag: a vintage Versace briefcase gifted to her by her hubby.

Ready to find the perfect bag for yourself? Here are tips from Heart:

1. "Go for real leather."

You're going to spend money anyway, so make sure you spend it on something worth it. Fake leather can easily get worn down, especially with the tropical heat. It's better to save up for a bag that will weather through various conditions well and stand by you day in, day out.

2. Find a reliable personal shopper.

When you've found the right bag for you but it's not locally available, don't be afraid to turn to a trustworthy personal shopper to help you get it. Heart attests to the service of Joy's Closet who's been reliable and efficient in sourcing her requests.

3. Look for a basic color.

When making a bag purchase, Heart says there's nothing wrong with choosing one that comes in neutral hues. You'll get to pair it with just about anything you have in your closet, thus you get the most bang for your buck.


4. Personalize your bag.

Add your unique personal style to your arm candy. If you can't paint or embroider on them the way she does, Heart says tying scarves on a bag's handles can make all the difference!


5. Take care of your tote.

It's not enough that you store them properly and fill them with stuffers to keep its structure. After every use, it's best to wipe them with specialty wipes that will always keep your bags in top shape.

Watch the full video here.

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