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Heart Evangelista Paints Art on Her Hermès Bags

And Prada, and Fauré Le Page…
Heart Evangelista Paints Art on Her Hermès Bags And Prada, and Fauré Le Page…

Remember that time KimYe’s little North West splattered paint on her Momma’s Hermès Herbag and all of a sudden it was art? Well, not really, but it was a hit, nonetheless. Mrs. Escudero was inspired by the little cutie and thought, why not do the same?

Aside from her hubby and her pups, if there are three more things we’re absolutely sure Heart loves, these would have to be her nude peep-toe Louboutins, her Birkins, and paintings. Roughly four weeks ago, Heart decided to combine her passion for fashion and for art by painting on her precious Hermès. We imagine that would have been heart attack-inducing as it’s no joke to play with textile paint on a luxury bag, but clearly it was worth it as she’s actually gaining clientele because of it. 


Her very first project was an Hermès Herbag. Just like Kim Kardashian's.

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From this... this. The finished product complete with a twilly to match. 

Personalized designer purses date back to nobles encrusting their family seals onto their luggages, but the modern telling of the high end practice now has more to do with owning something unique and exclusive to make the purchase worth every dime, rather than just labeling belongings.  If you remember, Kanye also gave Kim a painted Hermès for Christmas last year—something, let's just say, only a "modern noble" can afford. 


 Think of it as an artistic way to reuse old purses. In this photo, Heart breathed new life into one of Carla Abellana's oldest bags. 

It's one thing to paint on a blank canvas, but it takes pure talent to add art on print. For Love Marie, armed with her manicured tips and brushes, it seems like it was a piece of cake. 


And yes, she dared to do it on a Birkin, too.

Photos from @iamhearte on Instagram. Follow @iamlovemarie_e for more of Love Marie's works. 

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