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How to Style and Take Care of Your Jewelry Like Heart Evangelista

She shares the one thing you should NOT do to your diamonds.
How to Style and Take Care of Your Jewelry Like Heart Evangelista
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She shares the one thing you should NOT do to your diamonds.

Just like every investment piece in your closet, your jewelry needs the right kind of TLC to stand the test of time. And in case you need tips on keeping your gems pristine, Heart Evangelista has you covered. She made an entire video on her YouTube channel dedicated to how she cares for hers, plus some bonus tips on styling your jewelry like a pro.

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Heart Evangelista's Jewelry Care Tips:

1. Clean your jewelry often.

"You should clean your jewelry 'cause sometimes residue from your makeup or beauty products end up on them," says Heart. "Of course you also sweat, and that kind of leaves something on them."

In the video, Heart showed the three things she uses to remove impurities from her pieces. First is an actual jewelry cleansing solution, which contains liquid specifically made to clean precious jewelry. If you don't have that, Heart also uses dishwashing liquid or tooth powder (you can get this from your dentist) diluted in warm water. She uses a small brush to get rid of anything that the solutions couldn't. After that, she rinses the pieces in room temperature water, pats it dry with a cloth and finally, leaves it to air dry before putting them back in storage.

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2. Don't wash diamond jewelry with hot water.

You could be tempted to dip your jewelry in hot water to disinfect it, but Heart says this is a no-no—specifically for diamonds. She explains, "I heard from a jeweler that [this] could actually damage your diamond. The hot water will make your diamond 'smoky' and damage it forever. So don't do it, sayang naman." Instead, stick to the cleaning methods above!

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3. When in doubt, ask a professional jeweler to clean your pieces for you.

Although Heart swears by the methods above, we totally get if you'd rather have a pro do the cleaning instead. The actress recommends it, too, and it can be as simple as availing of a cleansing service from a professional jeweler or a store that you trust.

Heart Evangelista's Jewelry Styling Tips:

Of course, wearing your jewelry well is just as important as keeping them pristine. If you're often stumped by how to don yours, here are some tips from Heart:

1. Don't be afraid to layer.

Jewelry stacking can work in your favor if you use the right ones! Opting for a variety of slim pieces is one way to make it work, or in the case of necklaces, you can layer pieces that fall on different levels.

2. Wear similiar pieces.

According to Heart, when you're deciding which pieces to wear together, "keep it in the family" and work your way up from there. For example, you can wear only silver pieces or wear several stud earrings with minimalist designs at once.


3. Match your necklace to your outfit.

The neckline of your top can be a helpful guide for the kind of necklace you should pair with it. Click here for a complete guide to elevate your looks!

Watch the full video below from more tips from Heart:

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