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Here's Proof That Harry Styles Is Redefining Menswear

His bold fashion choices continue to push the boundaries.
Here's Proof That Harry Styles Is Redefining Menswear
His bold fashion choices continue to push the boundaries.

2019 had been a year for both men and women to wear practically anything they want sans judgement. 

Since the concept of women borrowing from the boys has already been in style for so long, we’re happy to see what it’s like to have the tables flipped. It’s refreshing to have men like Ezra Miller, Timothée Chalamet, and even local actor Marco Gumabao pushing the boundaries of menswear.

Harry Styles joins this list of men who blur the line between clothes supposedly meant for a single gender. Ever since his debut solo album, he has continuously been drawing attention for his funky outfits that look like they came straight out of a '70s sitcom.

With his media presence surrounding the release of his new album, “Fine Lines,” we get to see how the singer-actor’s outrageous choices­– from his clothes, to his album art– are no fad. And mind you, they're not a political gesture either. To him, they simply look cool. 

While he is not the first man to venture into this ambiguous style, his star power and bold looks contribute a lot of buzz about the boundaries of menswear.

1. Gucci-esque tops

Harry opts for pussycat bows, bold metallic fabrics, and floral embroideries for his shows and photoshoots with a sprinkling of his daring personality.


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2. Fun bottoms

High-waisted bottoms and flared trouser aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and Harry sure got the memo.

The flare on the ends are great for dancing in Greece a la Meryl Streep, but it’s also perfect for showing off your shoes in any occasion. This works well for Harry who has grown akin to the sleek-heeled Chelsea boot.



3. Colors and patterns

The singer-actor is never one to shy away from color. Even when he's wearing coordinates, he prefers his suits with fun colors, bold prints, and patterns to help bring character to his ensembles—like the look below, where he wears a tapestry of flowers on his suit reined in by a cream-colored button-down shirt underneath.  

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