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Happy Birthday Kendall Jenner

You are still our favorite of them all.
Happy Birthday Kendall Jenner You are still our favorite of them all.

The Kardashians undoubtedly give a whole new definition to reality television. From their crazy banters, unlimited bickering, entertaining catfights, unusual dilemmas, good taste in fashion, and flair for all things luxurious, it’s no wonder their show has been on air for nine seasons now. But no matter how cracked up things get on-screen at times, we still somehow manage to steal a few life lessons from the wild group. We’ve counted the things we learned from the bunch before, and today we want to focus our attention on the birthday girl, Kendall. In a household full of strong females (who know more than a thing or two about contouring), we’re all bound to relate to at least one. 


Naturally, Kendall has become our girl. The 19-year-old killed it for us when she decided to take on a spotlight of her own by becoming a professional model and taking the high fashion route. From her runway looks (see how she took over fashion week by storm) to her model-off-duty ensembles (including her love for the muscle tee), Kendall has clearly become not only a teen trendsetter, but the girl to watch out for. 

We know there's a lot in store for the young lady, and we'll be here watching every step of the way.

So dear Kenny, happy, happy birthday, stay fab, continue to surprise us... 

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and most of all,  knock 'em dead. 


Photos: Instagram/KendallJenner

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