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Hang vs. Fold: How to Properly Store Your Clothes

Hang vs. Fold: How to Properly Store Your Clothes
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For those who are still confused.

We detest stretched-out sweaters and wrinkled-beyond-recognition silk just as much as you do, trust us. So, to hang or to fold? That is the fashion girl's ultimate question. If you're still confused about how your clothes should be stored, worry no longerwe've put together the ultimate rule guide to hanging out and folding in. Read on and do your closet a huge favor!


A) Silk, 1oo percent cotton, rayon, satin, and velvet blouses

We recommend velvet slimline hangers for these (they're strong, pretty, and thin enough not to take up too much space in your closet)! Storing work shirts? Make sure the top buttons are secured to keep the collars from developing pesky creases.

B) Trousers and dress pants

Use clips to hang your trousers at the waist or the hem! Another option: fold them along the crease and drape over a hanger's bar.

C) Dresses and jumpsuits


Hang your dresses and jumpsuits vertically on hangers, unless they’re heavily embellished and therefore prone to wear from weight (see below).

D) Jackets, overcoats, and blazers

...especially if they're made of leather or suede. Blazers and casual jackets can be hung on a regular-grip hanger, but heavy coats will fare best on a curved suit hanger, which can handle their weight and help keep their shape!

E) Dress skirts

Pleated, silk, suede, and leather skirts should always be hung at the waist with clipped hangers.

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A) Sweaters

Wool, cashmere, and angora will definitely stretch when hung, so it’s always best to fold your sweaters to keep their shape. Also, after a wash, make sure you dry them on a flat surface.

B) Casual skirts

Denim or thick-knit skirts can be folded on a shelf or slung over a hanger’s bar. Easy!

C) Heavy pants

Jeans, cords, leather leggings, and cargos are all made of fabric that's thick enough, so folding won’t cause them to wrinkle.

D) Embellished evening gowns

Loosely folding an evening gown keeps its shape better than hanging if it’s got heavy embellishments. Make sure you wrap it loosely in tissue paper, then keep in a boxyou wouldn't want its beading to scratch your other clothes.

E) T-shirts

Fold all short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees as the fabric may stretch and thin out when hung.


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