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Hail An Uber In Seph Bagasao's New York-inspired Collection

This PEFTA alumnus found inspiration in the city of dreams—now commuting will never be the same!
Hail An Uber In Seph Bagasao's New York-inspired Collection This PEFTA alumnus found inspiration in the city of dreams—now commuting will never be the same!

Travel feeds the soul, and in the case of Seph Bagasao, it was the wanderlust in him that led to his first capsule collection for his namesake brand, Bagasáo. On a recent trip to New York, Seph recalls roaming around the city, making sure to pass by different routes everyday, finding beauty from the Blair Waldorfs of Manhattan to the Jenny Humphreys of Brooklyn. Though he lived in the Upper East  Side, it was Brooklyn's street art, doors, windows, pipes, signs, and even sidewalks that he took a liking to.


             “I just felt free and unguarded and I knew right there that I would translate this Brooklyn sensibility into my collection.” 

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The long walks and subway-commuting paved the way for his premiere collection entitled “Nonchalance,” a nod to the Brooklyn borough's easygoing style.

The Premiere Collection

Style Bible asked the Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) alum, not to mention a member of Preview’s Emerging Talent Awards (PEFTA) batch 2011, all about his stab at tailored minimalism.


Why did you go to New York in the first place? How long were you there?

"I went to New York for work actually, had to attend design meetings and undergo basic training. I was there for almost a month."

 Model: Sam Gomez; Ph: Kevin Cayuca; Stylist: MJ Benitez; Make up: Anthea Bueno; Hair: Mycke Arcano


We love that your bags are super commuter chic. How long have you been doing bags? 

"This is actually my first collection (laughs). I first made bags for my graduation collection in 2011, but I did not reproduce it. I’ve been developing and making samples since then. It’s only now that I started selling my bags. For this collection, I used thick mesh fabric and genuine leather in light gray and deep green. For the silhouette, it was this photograph I took while I was walking in Brooklyn going to Smorgasburg [a food fair] in Kent Ave. It was this raw gray wall with two water pipes painted in red and green. The image was very structured and captivating but not overbearing. For the concept and design, I just translated the emotion the whole New York experience gave me -walking from midtown to uptown, around Soho, and commuting from Manhattan to Brooklyn. "


Seph's oversized clutch with detachable shoulder strap in deep green genuine leather and black mesh panels.

What materials, techniques and silhouettes marked the collection?

"It’s always the mix of fabrics and materials for me. For this collection, I used mesh as main material for the big bags to make it really light and more comfortable to use. For the small ones, I used the mesh for the side panels and genuine leather as main material. I wanted to still have that luxurious feel without making your arm sore. Silhouette is very boxy, structured, clean lines. Very complementary to my whole collection of clothes."


Want to look New York-ready? Then click on the gallery for Seph Bagasao's commuter-chic collection. 

Interview by Anna Canlas

Photos from Seph Bagasao

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