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This Guy Wears Skirts and He Doesn't Care What You Think

This Guy Wears Skirts and He Doesn't Care What You Think
IMAGE Lilay Macaventa
We can all learn a thing or two from Andre Drilon.

It's normal for girls to wear pants as boys do, but it's normally considered taboo when it's the other way around. Say, can you imagine guys wearing skirts? Andre Drilon, a self-professed artist, dares to challenge that belief. What started to be a project for school turned out to be his pivotal point in fully expressing himself through clothes.

IMAGE Lilay Macaventa

I visited Andre in his home where I found him dressed in an old P.E. uniform with a fanny pack belted around his waist. I almost didn't notice that he was wearing a blue pleated tennis skirt. He moved freely and confidently in his clothes. In our long overdue reunion, I felt as if I were getting to know a new Andre: a genderbender, a master of his sexuality, and a stylish dresser.


IMAGE Lilay Macaventa

Below, get to know more about Andre and learn a few nuggets of wisdom from his journey of blurring the lines between his feminine and masculine sides.

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