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Gucci's Glasshouse

The world's largest Gucci store.
Gucci's Glasshouse The world's largest Gucci store.

Next stop: Gucci 5th Avenue. Hold your breath for this glass tower houses a wide selection of Gucci's luxury pieces, right in the heart of Manhattan. Designed to become a global shopping destination, Gucci's New York store boasts of rich architecture that flaunts the Italian brand's history of luxury and craftsmanship.

Gucci takes customers to a new shopping level experience with amplified personal service and attention to detail. You'll be green with envy as New Yorkers also enjoy a selection of products unique to its location. The luxury oasis lodges the newly launched Heritage collection that consists of limited edition accessories and specially designed pieces. Gucci has come up with a glamorous interpretation of a vintage print called “Leonardo”. Its blend of red, green and gold knots and flowers makes the canvass playful and yet timeless.

Gucci has also released the “Gucci © NY” collection that can only be purchased at Gucci 5th Avenue, as an ode to the city where it first opened. The white, shiny distinctive GG pattern canvas serves as striking backdrop for bold red and royal blue stripes, with the prominent “Gucci © NY” stamped across the fabric. An exclusive selection of the Hystreria handbags in super soft metallic platinum leather and gold ostrich skin are too-die-for! And that famous “bomber” jacket takes on an even more luxurious version exclusive to Gucci 5th Avenue. Gucci certainly loves NY!
The second and third floors accommodate the menswear and womenswear, respectively, each floor uniquely conceived to provide seamless shopping for the Gucci clientele. A VIP lounge has been created on the third floor, which is accessible via an exclusive elevator. Reflective of its masterful products, a separate edifice beside the flagship hosts Gucci's fine jewelry boutique. That's three floors that spell lu-xu-ry!

-Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant

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