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Grimes Talks Louis Vuitton, MySpace, and Evangelion

An exclusive chat with the eclectic 28-year old musician.
Grimes Talks Louis Vuitton, MySpace, and Evangelion An exclusive chat with the eclectic 28-year old musician.

Louis Vuitton's Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière has a penchant for the weird. His new favorite face is actually quite otherwordly, and her eclectic electronic sound has been part of the designer's soundtrack for a season of PFW. Grimes joins LV's roster of cool, quirky, and stylishly strange girls like Final Fantasy's Lightning and model Fernanda Ly aka @warukatta on Instagram. Below we chat with the pink and purple-haired Canadian musician about her humble MySpace beginnings, touring with Lana Del Rey, and being a real-life "manga heroine".

What was your reaction when Louis Vuitton invited you for the first time to their show ?

I was really excited. Nicolas always goes in a totally new direction with every collection, and it's obviously amazing to see it firsthand. Plus, I had never been in a helicopter before.

What do you like about Nicolas Ghesquière’s work? How does he understand you?


I think Nicolas' work straddles the line between between fantastical and elegant. There are always crazy references (he told me they were watching a lot of Evangelion while working on the last collection), but the work is always very stylized, sophisticated, and the clothes themselves are extremely high quality. I think I try to accomplish a similar thing in my work, so we vibe.

How would you describe your style, like a manga heroine?

Haha, sure. It fluctuates, but 'manga heroine' is always a good vibe.

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Grimes in an Evangelion Plugsuit-inspired overall. 

How fashion does inspire your creativity?

Visuals are important to me, whether it be videos, shoots, etc. Designers and stylists can be my biggest collaborators in many ways. I don't have time to make clothes, nor would I be very good at it, but it's integral to the project. I want to create a world. Grimes should be escapist, so the visual and performative aspect is important to how the music is received. It's important not to overtly sexualize myself, or spend too much time on strait forward 'beauty.' Finding a balance that is unique and interesting without resting on tropes is difficult but also fun.

Your real name is Claire Boucher. Where does your scene name, Grimes, come from?

It's sort of a long story. On Myspace, you had to pick 3 genres. 'Grime' was a genre that at the time I hadn't heard of yet, I thought it seemed like the best one so I just had 3 'grimes'. Therefore, I was 'grimes,' as in 'grime,' but plural.


"I share almost nothing about myself. I hate social media, I think it will be ruinous to society."

What are your music influences?

Everything. Especially things that I hate. If you have to challenge yourself to work in a mode that you don't instinctively enjoy then you'll make something more interesting.

You performed on Lana del Rey’s tour. What do you like about her music?

I think she's a great classic songwriter. Also, she doesn't ever put out filler. Every song is good. But at the end of the day, when I listen to her music I'm struck with the thought that 'I could never do that,' when normally I'm thinking 'Hmm how do I learn how to do that.' So I'm deeply impressed. Her skill is unlearnable.

How do you use social media? Is it a part of your promotion, or just to share some things with your fans? Do you care? Do you share everything?

I share almost nothing about myself. I hate social media, I think it will be ruinous to society. I would delete it if it wasn't important to promotion. But I need to use it to speak directly to fans, because I distrust the media.


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