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You’ll Love the Happy Vibe of This Local Bohemian Brand

Their button bags and smocked frocks are adorable!
You’ll Love the Happy Vibe of This Local Bohemian Brand
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Their button bags and smocked frocks are adorable!

There is something about Good Luck, Humans that makes a person inherently happy. Browsing through their website is a color explosion of bright, cheerful clothing and home furnishings guaranteed to brighten your day. From their chic clutches to their boho-inspired dresses, there’s definitely something for your closet, while their brand new beanbags in handwoven local textiles and other home furnishings covered in Good Luck, Human’s  signature lucky buttons are great accents to any home. Everything is handcrafted, recycled, and/or repurposed with peace, love, and a good wish for all mankind. Get to know the brand and Apol Massebieau, the incredible person behind it.


Could you tell us something about yourself?

"I’m Apol Massebieau. I used to be a writer and editor in Manila. I wrote for The Manila TimesToday Newspaper; was Editor-in-Chief of Good Housekeeping and founding editor of Real Living. But on the side I was always making things, making my own clothes, making and selling jewelry at crafts fairs. In my 30s, I decided to go full-time into creative entrepreneurship. And here I am!"

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How did you start your business?

"Good Luck, Humans as a brand is only two years old, but its roots actually lie in that French countryside I had told you about. In 2007, I set up a business in the south of France. I would source vintage fabric by scouring French flea markets; then I’d sew them up in my atelier. I was sewing decorative home objects and dresses from vintage French cotton and linen. I also made bags from such things as recycled postal sacks. I sold online at Etsy; and I would also go sell my wares at artisan markets in places like Gordes, L’Isle Sur La Sorgue, and Arles. I had to stop all that when we moved back here, but I really see Good Luck, Humans as a continuation of what I was doing then."


What is the concept behind Good Luck, Humans?

"Founded in late 2016, Good Luck, Humans is a threadwork studio that aims primarily to nurture an appreciation for handmade objects.

"We want people to fall in love with handmade products, to appreciate the skill, the discipline, and often the genius that go into their creation. As they fall in love, we want them to embrace a new way of living. A slower lifestyle that is kinder to the planet.

"Along with our primary goal of championing handmade objects, we are also striving to foster eco-consciousness. A significant percentage of the products you will see in the shop are made from recycled fabric scraps."

Could you describe the lifestyle that fits your designs?

"It’s a relaxed, slower lifestyle that is not pretentious. It is a lifestyle that is not about proving yourself to anybody, but rather being content in your own personal universe. It’s a lifestyle that allows for noticing the details, for really appreciating the things that you surround yourself with."


Where did the name come from?

"Our name is our brand, but also our wish for mankind."


Is there a signature design or key element evident through your designs?

"You’ll always see an interesting craft going on in our products. There is almost always an element of hand-sewing.

"What we are most known for are our Lucky Buttons. They’re fabric beads that are our own invention. We make them out of recycled fabric scraps that we hand-cut and hand-sew. We transform these fabric beads into furniture, bags, accessories, even clothing!

"This past year, we also added hand-smocked clothing and bags to our collection. We’re playing with smocking—a technique people usually associate with children’s garments—and making items for grownups."


What is your overall aesthetic and can you describe the ideal Good Luck, Humans girl?

"Exuberant, witty, and unpretentious. She is a woman who is happy in her own skin. She likes to laugh, loves textures and colors. She is very confident about who she is and what she likes."


What kind of materials do you use in producing your items?

"We use recycled fabric scraps, hand-woven Philippine textile, and linen mostly. It all started for me when I was going through my French mother-in-law’s fabric stash at her home in the Provence region of France. My husband’s family are country folk—very frugal and attuned to nature. Anyway, I unearthed old jeans of my husband’s that my mom-in-law had kept. She had patched and mended them in so many places, they looked to me like abstract textile art pieces! I found them very beautiful—the stitching, of course, but more than that, the mindfulness that had gone into repairing these articles of clothing.

"There I was, a 30-something woman who had spent most of her adult life writing for consumer magazines, and who was at that time heavily into fast fashion—if there was a hole in my clothes, I’d most likely toss it, not mend it—confronted with a whole other way of doing things. I got a tiny brain explosion there.


"What followed was 10 years of living in the French countryside, exploring this slower lifestyle."

What sets you apart from other stores?

"Aside from that we design and make the majority of the products you will find in our store, I would like to think that we are set apart by our vibrant and quirky aesthetic."


What should we expect from Good Luck, Humans in the future?

"The goal for 2019 is to come up with more innovative ways of working with recycled textile. We aim to create from these scraps objects of great design and quality so that consumers begin to see “recycled” in a new light: Recycled is beautiful, and the way of the future."

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