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Goethe Institut Exhibits 'Fast Fashion: The Dark Side of Fashion'

Ask yourself: Is fashion fair?
Goethe Institut Exhibits 'Fast Fashion: The Dark Side of Fashion'
Ask yourself: Is fashion fair?

Trends first seen on the runway can, more often than not, be found in your favorite high street stores quicker than you can say "fast fashion." But just how can clothes be mass produced so swifty? What enables the rapid transition from catwalk to shop window? How is it that brands can afford to sell apparel for prices so low they're almost giveaways? 


The Goethe-Institut Philippines, in partnership with the UP Diliman College of Home Economics (UP CHE), presents "Fast Fashion: The Dark Side of Fashion."

We come across harrowing images of collapsed sweatshop factories rife with illegal labor practices and nonexistent environmental protection standards, but abandoning fashion as a whole is not the solution: as Fast Fashion is ready to demonstrate, there are already alternatives–from sustainably-produced textiles to upcycling concepts, to new fibers and innovative technologies.

The exhibition opened last October 10 at Bulwagan Ng Dangal, University of the Philippines Diliman (Main Library), in Quezon City. Fast Fashion will be available for viewing free-of-charge until November 25.


Part of Goethe-Institut’s larger Ikat/eCut project, Fast Fashion is an exhibition by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg made possible by Karin Stilke Stiftung + DBU Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt.

Take a field trip! More info here.

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