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GENTLEWOMAN Just Released a Collection for Pets and It Looks So Adorable

You can finally match with your fur babies!
GENTLEWOMAN Just Released a Collection for Pets and It Looks So Adorable
IMAGE Gentlewoman
You can finally match with your fur babies!

When totes from Thai brand GENTLEWOMAN first hit social media, everyone went on a mad rush to get their hands on one, either by asking friends vacationing in Thailand, or waiting long enough for the brand to ship straight to the Philippines. Totes aside, we know the brand’s apparel and accessories are high up on your wishlist, too. And now even your pets can get in on the trend: GENTLEWOMAN just released their line for furry friends!

Match with your fur babies through GENTLEWOMAN’s pet collection:

Called GENTLE SPECIES, the collection features accessories for your furry friends emblazoned with the brand’s unmistakable typeface. There are only eight pieces in the line so far, but our fingers are crossed for more in the future.

The GENTLE SPECIES Fluffy Bandana (approximately P1,026) comes in two sizes: Petite for smaller pets and Standard for medium-sized pets. The GENTLE SPECIES Fluffy T-Shirt (approximately P1,368)—a white shirt with a white fuzzy font—comes in PetiteStandard, and Large. If your pets aren’t fond of clothes, they can wear the GENTLE SPECIES Walk Me Set (approximately P1,368) which includes a leash and a collar with print. It’s available in Petite and Standard, and comes in black or white.

PHOTO BY Gentlewoman

Standard Gentle Species Fluffy Bandana, P1026, GENTLEWOMAN,

PHOTO BY Gentlewoman

Large Gentle Species Fluffy T-Shirt, P1368, GENTLEWOMAN,

PHOTO BY Gentlewoman

Petite Gentle Species Walk Me Set, P1368, GENTLEWOMAN,

They also have one for pets who prefer being carried around: the GENTLE SPECIES Carry Me Please (approximately P4,788) is a white carrier with thick straps meant to go over your shoulder, or held in your hand. One section zips all the way to the side so your pet can easily walk or jump in. The other side has a mesh screen so they can breathe on walks, or you can even open it up to let them peek through.

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PHOTO BY Gentlewoman

Gentle Species Carry Me Please, P4788, GENTLEWOMAN,

GENTLEWOMAN is available online.

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